Chapter 1

I glowered at my thin image in the mirror. I had ugly, curly blond hair with brown streaks and emerald eyes. My skin was pale and although my body was built strong, you could see the weakness in my eyes. I sighed, throwing on the normal black leather jacket and jeans with eye liner and pale lipstick.

I glared at the girl facing me in the mirror. If only I weren't such a monster.

I opened the palm of my black gloved hand and let blue fire race across my finger tips. I closed my palm as a voice called from outside my gothic room.

"Amanda! Get out here! Your going to miss the bus!"

"Call me Elvira!"

"Just get out here!"

I snarled as I stomped out of my room straight past my mom. She had brown hair and blue eyes like the sea. She wore a undershirt and old jeans. She smelled like cigarets, like the one in her hand.

I grabbed my stuff and hurried outside, half-way around my neighborhood, to my bus stop.

As soon as I got to my bus stop I noticed the two gossiping girls, Amy and Jennifer, the jerks.

Both were blond bobble-heads with way too much makeup. Of course, their pink and red jeweled cell phones were in plain sight. As soon as they saw me their faces fell, then they started laughing. Like I needed the reminder.

I sighed and sat under a twisted tree.

My life couldn't get any harder.

I sat my hand on the ground and grew a white rose. After gripping it, letting thorns dig into flesh, I watched it turn into ash. I let the ashes slip through my fingers just like my life.

"Hello, leather."

"Hi, Seth."

I looked up at him. His eyes were a puppy-dog brown with messy black hair. His skin was slightly sunburned. He grinned. He had on leather and jeans, too, but his looked bright, light, and happy, unlike mine.

"Let's get to school." He said.

"I would, but the bus isn't here, yet." I replied without looking up.

"Who said anything about the bus?" Surprised, I looked up to see him swinging a pair of keys on his finger.

I smirked, "Let's go then. What are we waiting for?"

He laughed and led the way. I sighed, maybe today will be a good day. Maybe it won't.

I almost gasped when I saw the convertible. It was silver with painted on fire that looked realistic, very realistic.

"Come on in!" He said, jumping in the front seat without opening the door. Same old show-off.

I ran around and jumped in.

The ride to school was nice. It was quiet, except for the constant blabbering of dear old Seth. I almost fell asleep it was so smooth. How much did his parents pay for this thing?

"So, any idea who that guy is?" Seth awoke me from my sweet reverie.

I looked up.

He had shaggy black hair with added purple streaks. His eyes were violet and his skin was pale. He wore a black T-shirt with ripped off sleeves and ragged jeans. He had a jagged scar running down his left arm. I groaned.

"Another new kid." I hopped out of Seth's car and waited for him to lock it up.

"Why don't we say hi?"

"I think that's taken care of." I replied, looking at the swarm of girls already beginning to swarm around him.

I looked up as the bell rang. We headed up to the school.

I had a bad feeling about the new kid. There was something about him that didn't sit right with me. I sounded crazy, but I just knew he wasn't someone I wanted any part of. Well, if he stayed out of my way, then I would ignore it.

Of course, since when did things ever go my way?