Leigh's phone rang; she looked at the ID and smiled when she saw her sister's picture.

"Hey sis," Leigh said smiling. "What's going on?"

"Guess what happened last night with Josh?" her sister squealed on the other end.

"Umm, Lila I'm not sure I want to know what goes on between you to at night," Leigh smirked.

"Oh shut up Leigh it was nothing dirty, Lila said. "He proposed." Leigh joined her sisters squealing.

"Oh my god, finally," Leigh said exasperated. "Do you know how long I was pushing him to propose to you?"

Leigh lay down on her bed and looked at the picture of her and her best friend Evan on the swings when they were five. She had been secretly in love with him for at least five years, which would have been seventh grade when he beat up a guy who was giving Leigh a hard time. Now she was in her senior year and Evan had moved away a year ago and she missed him like crazy.

"Leigh? Are you still there?" Lila asked.

"Yeah sorry, I was just thinking," Leigh told her sister.

"About Evan?" Lila guessed. Leigh cursed to herself. Was she that predictable?

"How did you know?" Leigh asked.

"Sis, we're are talking about a wedding and you have been in love with Evan for five years. You can think about him later, but right now I want to ask you a question."

"Which would be?" Leigh asked.

"Will you be my maid of honor?" Lila asked her sister.

"Of course! You didn't even have to ask," Leigh practically shouted in the phone.

"You do realize that this means you have to wear a dress," Lila pointed out. "And heels."

"No, I am not wearing heels," Leigh groaned. "The dress I'll wear, but Lila you know I am a complete and utter klutz and I can barely walk in flats!"

"Leigh please, do this for your favorite sister," Lila begged.

"Li, I'm your only sister," Leigh pointed out. "And fine I'll wear heels the moment you guys kiss they are off and the converse are on."

"You've got yourself a deal," Lila said. "I'm coming home tomorrow to tell my mom and dad and to get dresses."

"Alright by Li, love you."

"Love you too Leigh."

Leigh snapped her phone shut and groaned. She missed Evan so much and now he was states away and he was going to visit in the summer but that was seven months away she wouldn't be able to wait that long.

Leigh stood on her porch as she saw Evan walking down the sidewalk. She couldn't believe that today was the say he was moving. When Leigh saw him turn into her drive way she sprinted from the porch and flung her arms around Evan.

"Evan you can't leave, I don't want to go through Senior Year without you," Leigh was practically begging her best friend as tears were threatening to fall.

"Leigh, listen to me," Evan said putting his hands on her shoulders. "I have to go with my parents. Does it mean I want to go? No. Will I miss you? Of course I will Leigh. You're my girl L," Evan told her.

Leigh couldn't hold in the tears any longer. Her best friend was leaving and there was nothing she could do about it. Evan wrapped his arms around Leigh and held her tight. She knew this was the time she should tell him about her feelings, but she couldn't help but feel it might ruin their friendship.

"I've got to go now, but I promise I will call and e-mail you," Evan told her. All Leigh was able to do was nod. He placed a kiss on her forehead before walking down the sidewalk back to his house.

Once Evan was out of view Leigh walked back up to her porch and sat down crying into her hands. Her best friend and the guy she was in love with was gone. And who knew when they would see each other again maybe never. Leigh tried to stay positive, but it just wasn't working.

The next day Leigh woke up to hear laughter downstairs. Then she heard a very distinctive laugh that could only belong to Lila. Smiling she practically leaped out of bed and ran down the stairs. Her family was in the living room.

"Lila!" Leigh screamed and ran to hug her sister. "You seriously need to visit more often." Leigh tried to pretend like she didn't know her sister was coming.

"Sorry Leigh this visit was unexpected I came here to tell you guys some very exciting news," Lila said smiling at their parents.

"What is it dear?" their mother asked.

"Mom, Dad," Lila started. "Last night Josh proposed to me!" Lila started squealing again.

Leigh jumped and hugged her sister and acted like she never knew a thing.

Later that night the sisters were sitting in Leigh's room just like they used to do before Lila moved out. Leigh missed having her sister around all the time and being able to talk to her. Of course she was happy that Lila had found someone that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

"When was the last time you talked to Evan?" Lila asked.

"I don't know like a week ago over e-mail. He just said he was coming to visit over the summer. I mean nothing special, he never really tells me what's going on he always seems to be busy," Leigh told her sister.

"Oh sis, once he comes for the summer you can tell him how you really feel," Lila said.

"But what if I ruin everything? What if he doesn't feel the same way? Ugh this is way too difficult," Leigh groaned and fell back on her bed. "I have been thinking about him since he left, in my head going through hundreds of different scenarios of what could happen if saw him again."

Her favorite scenario was them kissing on her porch. But others were them fighting, or just going back to the way things used to be.

"Leigh, I've watched you two together, and I know that you're not the only one who feels that way," Lila said. "I mean did you ever noticed how protective he was of you, whenever a guy got close to you? He didn't want anyone to have you except himself."

Leigh wiped her eyes as she left the bathroom. It was homecoming and Leigh was not having a good time. Her date stood her up so Evan had to take her. And now her mom had just called and told her grandmother had died. The grandmother that Leigh told everything too, that was more like an 2nd sister than a grandmother.

She felt hands on her waist and spun around her supposed date was standing behind her and started to back her against the wall.

"You look hot tonight," he said.

"Get the hell away from me," Leigh started. "You stood me up. This was supposed to be one of the best nights of my life. And here you are trying to make up for it. Well its not going to happen."

"Oh come on Leigh lets just have a little fun," he said his lips inches away from hers.

Tears cascaded down her cheeks as she thought about her grandmother and what would her date would do to her if no one found her. Just as he was about to kiss Leigh he was pulled away. Leigh looked around and saw her date pushed up against the wall by Evan.

Evan said something in a low voice that Leigh couldn't hear to her date before he walked off. Once her date was gone Evan made his way over to her. Leigh threw her arms around him and began to sob into his chest.

"She's gone, Evan, she's gone and I'm never going to see her again," Leigh sobbed.

"Who's gone L?" Evan asked her gently while stroking her hair.

"My grandma," she told him. "A-and then he f-found me-"

"Shh, just cry okay? We can talk about it later," Evan said pulling her tightly against his body.

"Okay Leigh, I am going to go call Josh and then go to bed," Lila said getting off the bed. "He's coming in tomorrow and we are going dress shopping!"

"Cant wait," Leigh tried to sound enthusiastic but she wasn't thinking about dresses, she was still thinking about Evan. "Night."

After a few minutes Leigh went over to her desk and opened her laptop and signed into her e-mail. She was missing Evan like crazy and finally decided to do something about it.

After writing and then deleting what she wrote multiple times Leigh finally decided on saying: Hey how's it going? Pathetic yes. But what was she suppose to say? That she was deeply in love with him and completely ruin their friendship over e-mail? Nope that was not happening.

As Leigh shut her laptop she saw a picture of her and Evan on the first day of school. She was wearing a gray zip up sweatshirt and jeans and clutched to her stomach was the book she had been reading. Evan was standing next to her rolling his eyes.

Leigh sat in the school library in a corner surrounded by bookshelves. Intently she was reading the book sitting in her lap completely oblivious to everything going on around her. Her light brown bangs hung in front of her pale green eyes.

All of the sudden she was snapped out of her world when someone gently tapped her ratty black converse. Looking up Leigh saw her best friend Evan smirking at her.

"It's the first day of High School and you are in the library reading?" Evan asked, he sounded shocked, but in truth he knew his best friend enough to know she didn't care that much about being in a new school.

"Are you really that surprised?" Leigh asked, staring at him through her bangs.

"Actually no," Evan said sitting down next to her. "I was thinking maybe you wanted to eat lunch with me."

Sighing Leigh stuck her bookmark in her book and looked at her best friend.

"Hey, you're still using that?" Evan asked gesturing to the bookmark he had given her for her eleventh birthday.

"Yeah," Leigh blushed. "I lose my other ones and I don't like to bend pages."

"So, are you going to eat lunch with me?" he asked again nudging his shoulder against hers.

"You aren't going to stop asking me are you?" she asked; when Evan shook his head she sighed. "Fine, but let me finish this chapter."

Leigh started to open her book when it was ripped out of her hands. She glared at Evan. "What the hell was that for?" she demanded. "Give me my book back!"

"Hmm reminds me off when we first me," Evan said thoughtfully. Holding the book above her head so she couldn't reach it. "You'll get it back after lunch." With that he stuck the book in his backpack.

"My book will not survive in the rats nest you call a backpack," Leigh complained.

"Come on L, lets go eat," Evan said ignoring the previous statement. He loosely draped his arm around her shoulder so she couldn't escape.

Leigh stared at herself in the mirror. Her maid of honor dress was a teal blue color the fell just above the knees and the sleeves flared out slightly. Smiling she walked out of the dressing room and waited for the ceremony to start.

When it was time Leigh grabbed a bouquet of flowers and started walking down the aisle. She smiled when she saw Josh standing at the altar. Right before she went up the steps she felt someone staring at her. She had to do a double take to figure out who it was. Evan. He smiled at her, but Leigh just looked shocked and tried to recover as she continued down the aisle.

Leigh stood at the altar and looked down the aisle and saw Lila and her dad about to walk down the aisle. She could feel Evan's eyes on her but she ignored them and continued to watch her sister. This was her day not Leigh's and Leigh didn't want to ruin it for her.

The music started and everyone stood up and watched Lila walk down the aisle. Leigh took a quick chance to look at Evan. Well the back of his head at least. He looked the same as he did a year ago maybe a little taller but otherwise the same. When Lila reached the altar and walked past Leigh she gave her a smirk.

"Surprise, I invited him," Lila whispered before the minister began talking.

Throughout the whole ceremony Leigh avoided looking at Evan but she knew he was looking at her. At the very end she looked at him and he smiled causing her to smile. Leigh bit her lip and looked away all the memories were flooding back at once and she was trying her best not to cry.

"You may now kiss the bride," the minister said. Leigh turned her attention back to Lila and Josh.

During the reception Leigh tried to avoid him, but he seemed to be everywhere. Then when she finally got the courage to talk to him, he was dancing with another girl. To say the least Leigh was confused. Before she could cry she ran out of the reception hall, to where it was raining outside.

Leigh knew exactly where she was going; she needed someone to talk to. She wondered around the streets a little while before entering the cemetery. When she was younger Leigh always talked to her grandma and her grandma gave her advice and right now she really needed someone to talk to.

Walking slowly passed many graves before reaching her grandmothers, she knelt down in front of it not caring that she was getting her dress dirty.

"Hey grandma," Leigh started, "Lila got married today. And she invited Evan, and I have been avoiding him the whole time I want to tell him I love him but then I saw him dancing with another girl." She stopped and closed her eyes as a few tears leaked out. "I don't know what to do. What if he doesn't love me back?" Leigh didn't her the footsteps behind her that belonged to Evan. "God I love him so much."

"Leigh…" Evan started, and Leigh spun around and fell backwards onto her butt.

"Evan!" she said nervously standing up and playing with hands. Leigh avoided looking into his eyes because she knew she would lose it if she did.
"Wh-what are you doing here?"

"I noticed you ran out and well I thought I'd find you here," He said. "Leigh," he walked closer to her but she backed away.

"What exactly did you hear?" Leigh asked cautiously.

"The end," he told her.

"Great," she groaned. "You weren't supposed to know."

Leigh looked up at him. His light brown hair was falling into his eyes and she just wanted to leap into his arms and never let go. But her feelings were getting in the way.


"No, I'm sorry just forget it. Its obvious you don't feel the same way," she said, her voice catching as she tried not to cry again.

She started to walk away when she felt Evan grab her wrist and spin her around. But Leigh refused to look at him, so she looked at her bare feet that were now covered in dirt.

"Leigh," Evan said softly. He lifted her chin with his finger, so that she had to look him in the eyes. "I never got to say anything, and as usual you jump to conclusions." He was smiling now.

"Evan, are you saying…." She trailed off, now smiling as well.

"I love you too L," Evan told her.

Blue locked with green before their lips met. Leigh had been waiting for this since…well a really long time. This was her first kiss and she couldn't have asked for a better one. His lips were soft and gentle against hers.

"Come on why don't we go back, Lila's probably looking for you. And I was kind of hoping I would be able to sneak in a dance with the maid of honor," Evan said smiling and took Leigh's hand as they walked back to the wedding.

Everything had worked out for Leigh. It turned out that Evan felt the same way about her and it couldn't have happened in a better way.

"You're my girl L," Evan whispered to her squeezing her hand and Leigh couldn't help but smile.

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