Anne stirred in her sleep as sunlight spilled into her room through the crack of the curtains. Her eyes wearily opened as she sprawled herself out on her sort of comfortable bed. She hated Monday mornings. In fact, she hated Monday in general. Why? There are so many reasons why Anne hated the first day of the week:


No P.E.

The weekend is over.

All the worst subjects are on a Monday.

She has to go on the school bus with Darcy.

She is always tired on a Monday morning.

Her teachers always give her truckloads of homework on Monday.

Monday is her step-father's cooking day.

Mum won't be at home until 11 o'clock in the evening.

History first period.

Anne groaned as she rolled off her bed in annoyance. She stumbled over to her door to grab her dressing gown…to grab air. She looked up at her hook to see no dressing gown.

"Darcy…" she muttered as she turned to her chest of draws "Might as well get dressed for breakfast today."

She opened her top draw to find it empty. Anne blinked in disbelief. She swore her underwear draw was full yesterday…her face flushed.


Ruby woke up to hear her favorite sound. Silence. Thank goodness Carol was going to school early for that fashion show. She yawned and sat up. She looked out of her window to see the newspaper boy doing his rounds. She sighed as she realized it was Monday today. Boy, did she hate Monday:


The library is closed on a Monday.

The weekend is over.

She has to spend each lesson with the playboy of the school, Jake.

She has to let her step-mum drive her to school.

It's always so noisy on a Monday.

She has to carry around three of her heaviest textbooks.

Her step-mum makes sandwiches on a Monday with extra stale bread.

Dad goes out bowling with his friends.

French first period.

Ruby swung her legs off her bed and slunk downstairs, grabbing her book with her on the way out of her bedroom. She sat by the kitchen table, greeted by the smell of fried eggs…burning fried eggs.

"Who's cooking breakfast?" she called.

There was a gasp, a thud, and Ruby's step-mum stumbled in, her blonde hair slightly messed up.

"Oh!" she cried out as she fanned the overcooked breakfast "Oh no!"

She turned the gas off on the stove and blew on the eggs. She narrowed her eyes at Ruby.

"Why didn't you say so earlier?" she asked sternly as Ruby's father came in.

"I just got…"

"Oh, never mind!" dismissed her step-mum waving her hand.

She dumped the slightly black eggs onto Ruby's plate.

"Your breakfast," she said stalking out of the room.

Ruby rolled her eyes as she blew on the sizzling eggs and started eating her overdone breakfast.

"Not bad," she choked sarcastically.