I walk down the aisle I must do my duty

To be married to the next King

I wear my jewels proudly

The branches on the trees are reaching for me

I will not let them touch me

He wants to know about me

Or so he says

Will he take me away?

A burgular in the night except he's stealing a princess but why?

I'm looking but Im not seeing

I look around

Who are these people?

I smile politely, regally

He wants to know my secrets

I'm doing my duty

One day my children and grandchildren will rule this land

I will pass my blood down to them

They will make me proud they will be happy

At least I have some use

My blood will be in their veins but is that good?

I smile through my pain

I know it will be okay

Have some faith I tell myself

I'm searching for him

Searching,where is he?

Always never to see him to touch him what misery

The line of royalty