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I was sitting there, smiling like a complete idiot.

You see, every day is for me is the same.

I get up at exactly six-ten in the every morning, then I eat some breakfast, toast and a caramel macchiato coffee.

Every day that goes by is about the same, completely boring.

I work for the New York Times newspaper, the building itself is a ways from my apartment, so therefore I have to take the subway to get to it.

And usually every morning I see the same people heading to work, and you'd think in New York you wouldn't see the same people in the exact same place, at the exact same time every day.

But today, there's a new guy on the subway.

His eyes were more blue than even the bluest ocean, they automatically drew me in.

His hair was a dark, dark brown shade, just the perfect length too, and he had a few bangs flipped up, and dangling over his left eye.

And his lips, were the most perfect lips I've ever seen, they were almost heart shaped, kinda like Leonardo DeCrapio's only just a tad more sumptuous.

He was sitting right straight across from me, reading the New York Times, the lady sitting beside him was in her late thirties early forties, she leaned over and looked at the paper he was reading.

"Oh! Have you read Alex Jordon's section?" the lady asked him gleefully.

I blushed at how excitedly she had spoken about my article.

He put down his paper and gave the woman his complete attention and locked eyes with her.

"I'm getting to it, I like to save the best for last." he smiles, his voice soothingly deep and just a tad scratchy.

"Oh, how wonderful! I like to do the same!" she grinned.

A couple minutes later, the subway announce my stop, then moments later the subway stopped and the doors opened.

I dreaded leaving Mr. Dreamy.

Just as I was getting up and starting to head to the door, he got up and followed me out.

I ran up the stairs like I always did, then made my way down the sidewalk to NY Time's building.

I stopped a few feet from the building's door and looked back behind me, and believe it or not he was there, a few feet behind.

I walked into the building, after saying good morning to the desk man I made my way to the elevator and pressed the up button.

Moments later the doors of the elevator opened, and just as I was getting in Mr. Handsome comes running to catch the elevator, so I held out my hand to stop the door from closing.

"Thanks." he half mumbled as he catches his breath, then briefly looks up at me with those stunningly gorgeous blue eyes.

After a few minutes of awkward silence he takes a deep breath and lets it out, then he turns his head towards me and smiles as he continues to stare at me, though I could tell he was trying his best not to look like he was.

I smiled at him, therefore making him smile back.

Then finally he breaks the silence and speaks.

"You look familiar, I don't think I got your name,"

"I'm Alexandria." I smile.

He thinks for a second, then I see it click in his head, who I am, that is.

"Are you by any chance the Alexandria Jordon? " he asked his eyes now filled with wonder and excitement.

"I am, only my real name's Alexandria Caste Celeste, the newspaper had me use 'Alex Jordon' because it was shorter and they could say 'AJ' in the paper." I smile and think to myself 'What the heck Alex?! What's with the rambling?'

He grins widely, "Awesome! I'm Damien Marco, though my real last name's Clark, I prefer my middle name, Oh! I'm a new intern here," he pauses and looks down at the papers in his hand. "and it looks like the boss positioned me under you, as your left hand man."

"That's awesome, your gonna love it here." I smile, at how he rambles on like I do, then I realize how stupid what I just said sounded, thankfully the elevator bell rang and the doors opened on the seventeenth floor, where my office was.

I looked over at him, "Well here's my floor, and I suppose yours too?"

"Yeah, the boss was sending me up here to come meet you." he smiles as we both step out and I start to walk to my office with him following close behind.