Made: Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Time: 9:12p.m


This story is about
A demon with a halo
The not-so-bad sidekick
And how one sinks so low.,,

"Are you ready yet?" the sidekick sighs.

The demon puts on her disguise
In front of her sidekick
Then gestures in her way
To bring her bag of tricks…

"Hurry up, let's go," the demon demands.

The sidekick stays quiet most times
Caught up in her thoughts
This is just the way things are
So her soul is left to rot…

"I don't want to do this anymore, but I have no other choice," the sidekick thinks.

The demon spots her victim
And goes to make a start
Buttering them up with lies
Using her sidekick's smarts…

"Aww, I love you so much!" spits the demon.

Fangs are hidden behind her
Soft-spoken words
The victim has already fallen
For the lies that they've heard…

"You're the greatest, you know?" the victim spews.

The sidekick shakes her head
But never says a thing
The demon throws on her façade
Before sinking in her fangs…

"Yeah, that's nice. Thanks," the demon says, getting bored.

When the victim is left alone
For the sidekick to warn
Her voice goes on ignored
As they leave, she's forlorn…

"Run, please, while you still can!" the sidekick tries to warn.

They never see it coming
Even when they were told
Now they're at the end
Of the demon's heartless cold…

"Uh, whatever," the victim scoffs before searching for their demon.

The demon lashes left and right
Cutting them into the ground
Because nobody noticed the sidekick
Until after the demon came around…

"Get away from me, nobody likes you and they never will," the demon growls.

After that, it was too late for them
They burned in her flames
The sidekick tried to warn them
Of the demon's games…

"I just…don't understand," the victim cries to the sidekick.

The demon and the sidekick
Are connected at the core
They find another victim
She's seen this all before...

"Déjà vu," the sidekick sighs.