Break Up

You know, I used to pray

I would never tell anyone that

But I did

I get that you'd be busy,

Big man like you,

You'd have to be

And it's not that I'm resentful

Okay, maybe a little,

Not once were you free?

What I wanted to tell you

Is that I forgive you

I've moved on

I think it's best for both of us

I mean, I was never that faithful

Was I?

But yeah, I'm sorry

You're sorry, I'm sure

But I'm doing what's in our best interest

This is the last time

I'll bother you

And I realise

You're probably busy right now

So, I'll just leave a message

Here's hoping you get it

And don't feel bad

It wasn't your fault (Entirely)

There were a lot of factors

That became problems

So yeah, goodbye and

Don't worry if you get this late

I wasn't expecting a reply

I just thought I'd let you know

That I'm breaking this off

That this is the last time

I'll pray to you.

And it's gone unsaid

But I love you

I always did

I'll hang up now

And stop wasting your time

That is

If you ever make time

To waste on me

Right, goodbye.