I feel attached to the tunes I hum.

I'm here, waiting for him to come.

I feel like I'm an eternal soul,

Bounded to him, he's my goal.

Words can't express this feeling.

He's pulling me, I'm reeling.

Every night I meet him in my dreams.

Morning shatters me, my heart screams.

I close my eyes, I can hear his call.

I'll keep running to him, even if I fall.

With every day that I spend away,

I wonder what's causing his delay.

I need him with me, here and now.

Please come to me, happiness in tow.

I'm lonely, and every day, feeling a little more lost.

I miss him in the rain, the sun, the storm, the frost.

Oh, what is this longing that I feel?

Why does my world seem surreal?

What is this restlessness in my heart?

Is a new chapter about to start?

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