Moment of Truth

Ask yourself;

No, stop

Don't try and avoid

Really ask yourself.

For once

In your selfish life

Be honest with yourself

Is that so hard?

Just one honest answer?

No more excuses

No more diversions

It's time to finally

Look at yourself

Did you just gloss over

All the changes?

Did you think no one

Would notice?

Do you even recognise

Your reflection?


Do you even want to?

For a smart person

You've got to be

The dumbest person I know.

But, for now

Putting aside all distractions

I want you to ask yourself

And give an honest answer

I'm trusting you here,

Trusting you not to lie to yourself

More than you already have.

So, moment of truth;

Your one defining moment,

Your chance at having

One redeeming quality;

Do you like who you've become?

That silence?

That hesitation?

That should say everything.

One last question.

Can you handle

One last question?

I hope so,

I'd hate to have overestimated you


What are you going to do about it?