Michael: I know that I'm useless. This you have told me so many times....and I finally accept it. I know you hate me. I tried to love you. But I believed you were my brother. I knew it was wrong. All I ever wanted was your acceptance...but even now I failed to get that. I know I'm not the sister you wanted. I know that even now you hate me for all I have done. I have given up... I am yours no more. Not your sister, not your charge, I am nothing to you. I hate you. Simple as that I hate you Michael. I do now and I will for all eternity. I want nothing to do with you. I hope that as you read this you will feel the pain I felt as I read it.

To Harmony: You followed him. You acted as if you were my friend only to betray me in the end. Now I know the truth. I know that you were never really my friend. I know that you always had plans to let him kill me in the end. I know now everything you did was for your own personal gain. But for some reason I can't blame you.

Dessa: I don't know where you come in on all this. I'm happy you and Nate are back together. You two are perfect for each other. I hope you two have many kids together and live in eternal happiness. I know you will always be happy.

Nate, My Brother: At last you are home. Welcome back brother. I know your happy to have Dessa back in your arms. But must you be so loud?

Asheena: My ex love...I want you back...but I can never have you. You don't really seem to love me like you once you did. I hope one day to have you back. I will always want you. You have my heart forever...

Gabrielle: My sister in arms. I hope you find happiness. I know I won't. My life is over now that I have lost the one I love. Good luck and goddess bless my sister.

Gabriel: Brother.... I'm so happy for you. You deserve to be home again. You deserve to be in the light of the one you worship. Just as one day I believe I will stand in the presence of the great goddess herself.

I wrote this the day Michael took Asheena from me. Now 20 years have passed and for the first time in those 20 years I have returned to the ranks of the Angelus. I am afraid. Do they even remember me? I have changed much in that time. My hair, once brown as chocolate is now black as a moonless starless midnight. My eyes show the knowledge I have now and now I have my wings again. Once called Raven by the Angelus, I have now taken on a new name. I am now called Lilith.

"Welcome back, Daughter" I was told the moment I walked through the gates. My wings spread and my sword in hand as I turned and faced the one who taught me all I know. I smiled as I remembered my lessons and the arguments we once got into. "The others are out in the training field if you wish to go join them" he said turning away.

I ran to the training field. Long before getting there I heard the clash of the swords and the shouts from everyone else. Dessa was the first to see me. Raising from her seat she walked up to me.

"Angleus only. Leave"

Wordlessly I held up my wrist letting my Angleus mark show. The look on her face was priceless. She didn't know who I was. That was good. I didn't want them to know yet. I wanted to watch the look on their faces when I won a sword fight against Michael.

Walking to the training grounds I smiled looking at everyone. It had been ages since I gazed upon that which I once called family. My Asheena...She was even more beautiful now...if that was even possible. No...not my Asheena...not anymore...

Walking up to the stands I sat apart from everyone. Michael rose and walked over to me. "You! Sitting there! I challenge you here and now, in front of all those gathered here. Pick up your sword and fight."

Rising from my seat I walked to the arena. "I will fight you Michael of the Angelus. And I will win," drawing my sword, I readied myself to fight.

"Very well, any last words?"

"Only that you will not win. I know you too well Michael, I know how you fight."

"Really? Then since there be no last words, I shall duel you. Third blood wins."

"You can attack first. That is how sure I am that I will win." Steadying my sword, I watched his eyes for his attack.

"On guard!" He jabbed at my side.

Swiftly I block his and cut his arm. "First blood. Are you ready to back down?"

"Never. You should know that."

"That's your choice." The clash of our swords filled the air. Moments later, I cut him again. This time on the leg. "Second Blood"

"I will keep going."

"Than it will be your death." Cutting down, I drew his blood. "Third Blood. I win. Now leave my sight." I turned to face the rest of the Angelus. "Who of you will come down and fight me? I will fight anyone of you. If you think you can win. I am the Zeita Adunau Deasupra. I am the Shadowed Goddess. And I am ready to fight."

Asheena stood up and walked to the center of the arena. "I alone will fight. If you will fight that is." The look on her face said she didn't know me.

"I will fight and I will win. Draw your staff and let us met in combat." I said watching her, feeling and tasting her raw power. She's changed so much... I thought to myself.

"I fight for love, justice, truth, and all things good!"

"And I fight for death, darkness, and my Goddess!" I responded drawing my staff and standing in position. It doesn't matter that my Goddess has left me...I just wish I knew what I did to displease her so. I thought to myself.

"Who are you?" Asheena asked as she jabs at me.

"Look at me not with your mind but with your heart." I replied as I blocked and parred.

"'It can't be you."

"Who do you think I am?"

"The one once known as Raven."

"That name no longer is real."

"Then who are you?"

"My name is Lilith. Azreal Lilith..." I said attacking her.

She attacks back, spinning out of the way.

"Why would you care if I was the one called Raven? If the stories I hear are true you never really loved her. She was just a game to you. Do you denie this?" I said trying to get her off my case.

"I deny that I stopped loving her." She said with a pained look on her face.

"I have spoken with her many times. You left her for the one you all call Michael. Do you deny this? Will you swear on the Darkness that eats all that this information I speak is false? Am I wrong?" I asked wanting to see what she would do.

"No you are not wrong."

"Than how can you say you still love her? You left her for her brother and you say you love her? How can you say this?" at this time I was trying not to show my anger.

"I did not leave of my free will."

"So you're claiming that Michael forced you to leave me?" It wasn't until after I said it that I realized my mistake.

"Lilith? I've heard the name spoken and is it you?"

Michael stands up in the stands. "Sister!"

Turning I looked at Michael. "Do not sister me you thief. I am nothing to you!" Turning back to Asheena I smiled, "Lilith was the first wife of Adam who was banished for wanting equal rights. I take that name to show that I bow before no man. I am a female and I worship a Goddess who has shaped me into her mold." I walked closer to Asheena afraid of what she would do. Would she turn me away?

She didn't run away, but didn't come closer as I kept walking to her. Moments later I was standing face to face with her. "So you still love me?" I asked.

Michael walks down the stands. "Of course she doesn't. Otherwise she would have left. Shes still here."

At this Asheena turned and kissed me. I let the power flow through me as I wrapped my arms around her. I could hear almost everyone in the stand cheering. At last I was home.