To my raven,

Time has long since passed since I last wrote to you. I sit here and think of you and I long to go run to you, but I cant. I fear that I am slowly losing you and I fear the time will come when you are no longer part of my life. I can see the tears on your face and I long to be the one to wipe them away and make you smile as you did once before. You don't realize that when you are happy and peaceful my world pauses and takes a breath of satisfaction. So whatever happens in life I will always love you, now, then, and in the years to come.

You always are carrying around burdens for other people, yourself and for multiple things. Realize that you are indeed human and you have the right to let them go. Being here without you here is sad and lonely, but I know the morning will soon come and I can speak to you once more. Until then my love, I have to go. Sleep in peace tonight love, and know you are on my mind this night.


Super-trouper lights are gonna find me,

but I won't feel blue,

like I always do,

'cause somewhere in the crowds there's you.

All i can do is sleep and eat,

whishing every show was the last show.

so imagine i was glad to hear you was coming,

and everything suddenly feels alright:

super-trouper lights are gonna find me,

but i wont feel blue,

like i always do,

'cause somewhere in the crowds there's you.

(mamma mia, super-trouper)