They say it's hard to find the island. Some say it doesn't exist. Others have found it and never returned. The island only appeared to those who knew it existed. It only showed to those who knew how to find it. Believers. Not many knew what resided on the island, but when some came close to it, they were either pulled in by the strong tides, or expelled away. But that wasn't what happened to us. Our ship drove itself into the islands tides, landing on their banks.

I had yet to tell everyone else that this wasn't my first time on the island. And it wasn't the time to tell them either. Their trust for me already wavered with the actions I recently took. It was hard in the start being an outsider to them, gaining their trust and fighting alongside them. But even then I still held my secrets.

It was nightfall by the time everyone was off the ship and packed with supplies. The plan was to make a campsite, and tend to the wounds of the injured. "I don't know why he's still with us. We should have thrown him over when we got the chance" My ears perked to hearing their whispers. It was two of my comrades. The two that never had faith in my abilities. Always putting down my efforts and ideas. It doesn't matter how many times I've saved both their lives. I didn't belong, so far as they needed.

"Alex…don't listen to them.." I looked down to Kal. He was my friend, the only one I trust to fight at my backside. But he was injured, and his injury was my fault. I don't understand why he can still look me in the eye without scorning me like the others. "I'm afraid it's the only thing to listen to." I replied as I knelt down to his side, lifting him up. He was heavy, but when he took some of his own weight it was easy for me to aid him in walking. "Well then..I suggest you close your e-ears" he muttered, still trying to smile even though loads of pain was glued to his face.

"I suggest you stop talking before you drop dead." I replied back, but he didn't have to search my facie expression to see a smile, he knew it was there. We always bickered about anything, once we got into a fight over who could whistle the best. It was nothing more than child's play. But everyone needs something to keep the burden off our backs. This burden that has fallen on us. Having to protect those who hate us. Sometimes watching those we care about die, or get close to it.

Everyone has having small conversations as we made our way through the woods. But I stayed silent, I was nervous. I already knew what was going to happen before it did. Which was why I traveled in the middle with Kal. I had to help him keep support, and Vik didn't want the injured tailing behind. I thought I would be safe, but as I turned to look at Kal I saw it. Just a glimpse of someone speeding by in the woods. "Stop!" I altered everyone. Vik stopped for a moment and looked back at me. "Is there a reason to why you are stopping us Alex?" his tone was scornful, he didn't believe in me either. "It's not safe." I reported.

"What would you know." One of my comrades stepped forward and gave a push to my shoulder. He would have done more if not for Kal being on my other shoulder. We both stumbled back, but I caught my balance and his as well. "That's enough Valdin" Vik gave a warning to the man that pushed at me. Viks eyes gave back to me. But I wasn't looking at him anymore. I was looked passed him where a woman stood. A cross bow comfortably in her grip pointing at us. "Vik!" Valdin notified as he grabbed for his sword. "I wouldn't do that if I were you." It was another woman, a spear near his neck.

She somehow managed to get close to us. More of them appeared, and our small party was surrounded and strongly outnumbered. We wouldn't be able to fight our way out of this at all. Many of our men were injured as it was. "How dare you men defile our island!" her voice was mighty, and her eyes were murderous. I looked down, letting my helmet cover most of my face. "What shall we do with them?" one of the women spoke to the one who appeared to us first. "We kill them." She said as she stepped forward towards Vik.

I pulled myself away from Kal, and he fell forward, the ground catching him with a thud. I positioned myself between Vik in the woman who was after his life. My arms were spread out wide. At this moment, so much would be revealed about me to my comrades. Instead of attacking, the woman let down her weapon. The gleam in her eye smiled. She knew it was me. Taking me into a full hug. "Alexandira my child..Where have you been?" she asked. "Alexandria" one of the other women chimmed as she removed her weapon from Valdin. She pulled me from the other woman and hugged me as well.

"They are your friends?"' one asked, I nodded to them. "Some are injured…and hungry…" I mumbled. The woman looked to the other women that surrounded us, snapping her fingers. "Escort them back." She smiled down to me and took my hand, pulling me along. "Why are you dresses as a man my sister?" I swallowed hard. Her voice wasn't low, nor did it have to be. I dared not look behind me, because I knew they would all watch me. I expected them to be watching me now. "Alex." It was Vik. One of the secrets I had been hiding from them all, in these months I had been fighting alongside them was given. "Alex" his voice rose as he said my name again. But I didn't answer him. Instead I walked forward.

Women are highly accepted as warriors in this day and age. But I couldn't parade as a woman, not with the mission I had set in mind. Merick killed my family, and kidnapped my twin brother. He only allowed women on his ship to seduce. He allowed men on his ship to fight for his cause. Where my brother was. I had to become a man so I could fight against him. I know I could have gone about this another way. But when the plan first hatched in my mind, it was of this. And as time went on, I couldn't come from under the lies I had already made.

But for to understand my reasons, I'll have to go back to the very start. Tell how my family got killed, and how I was raised under these women. Amazon women. From the loves to the hate. And how I will find my brother and bring him back with me.