Djinn & Gypsy



She folded her hands together as she sat waiting, bit her lip, scanned the writhing crowd. Tedious as it was, she didn't have the luxury of seeking him out – he liked to have his air of mystery, and she had to humor him. But this was getting irritating, and she hoped he knew her patience was wearing thin.

"He should be here by now," she muttered to herself, staring at her fingers as she said it. She could see herself reflected in her nails: dark auburn hair, gleaming brown eyes, arched eyebrows, high cheekbones, vivacious smirk. The reflection amused her, and she chuckled dryly as she shielded her face with her hair. She waited until the momentary lapse was over before pinning it back again.

It would not do to let him see her laughing.

Regaining her icy composure, she surveyed the crowd again. Nothing. Just more people bundled up against the bitter chill, features blurred by layers of clothing, but she wasn't worried about identifying him. She could always tell.

She sighed. Glancing at her watch, she knew he was late – very late. She had been sitting at this lonely café table for twenty minutes of her valuable time. If Lee thought he could waste Gypsy Tanner's time, he was sadly mistaken. He was probably aware that she needed his information, that he was necessary to her plans. She furrowed her brow at the truth in the belief.

"Sorry about the delay."

She looked up, eyes flashing as she appraised the figure before her: the shoulder-length sandy brown hair, the watery green eyes, the sloped shoulders, the chipped front tooth, and the dragon tattoo she could barely make out from under his coat. Yes. This was Lee.

"You know how I feel about tardiness, Lee." She hoped he could hear the venom in her voice.

Lee shrugged, pulling up a chair and sitting down across from her. She frowned at his forwardness.

"Look." His voice was surprisingly flippant. "It wasn't so easy to get the info you wanted, Gyps. Had to call in some favors, pull some strings. It ain't all smoke and mirrors."

"I was of the opinion that 'smoke and mirrors' was your area of expertise, actually." She shot him another poisonous look. "And don't call me Gyps."

"Whatever. Hey, I got the information you asked for. Now do you got the papers? 'Cuz I don't work for nothing."

"You'll get nothing if you don't shut the hell up."

Funny, that seemed to surprise him. To cover up his shock, he laughed.

"Well, miss, I figure you shouldn't be talking like that around me. You can't be a day over twelve, now, can you?"

"I'm fifteen, for your information, Lee, and I'll talk however I feel inclined. Now, if you don't mind…" Glancing over her shoulder nonchalantly, she pulled a small silver pistol from her sleeve and pointed it, almost casually, at Lee's forehead. "Give me the information, and maybe I'll let you live."

Lee swallowed, his Adam's apple bobbing nervously. "Now… Miss Gypsy, you don't want to do that…"

She smirked. "Oh yes, I do. I really do."

Eyes like bright coins, Lee pulled a rumpled orange envelope from within the folds of his jacket and slid it across the table. He looked at her sheepishly.

"Yes?" She asked as she laid one hand possessively on the envelope.

Lee swallowed loudly. "If you don't, uh, mind, um, my, um…?"

"Your papers?" She looked disgusted. "Here you go." She tossed a stack of snow-white papers at Lee, never lowering the pistol. "Now, do me a favor and get the hell out of here."

Lee gulped, looking affronted. "You can't just go around ordering me around like you're some kind of –"

"Actually, you'll find that I can." She thrust the pistol into his chest threateningly.

Lee stared at the pistol as if just remembering that it was there. "Oh. Yeah. Um, I'll just go now."

"Please do."

As she watched him go, packet of papers shoved into his coat, she traced his path through the crowd.

And then, she heard it.

Shoot him Gypsy take the gun shoot him what do you care he's just an insolent fool Gypsy shoot him come on you know you want to if you don't shoot him he might tell or use the information for himself go on Gypsy you have the gun right there in your hand no one would ever suspect you of killing him and you could disappear in the crowd just shoot him Gypsy just shoot him…

"No." She muttered angrily. "It's unnecessary. Besides, he might have withheld some of the information I need. I'll suffer him to live."

Gypsy Gypsy Gypsy shoot him shoot him shoot him you know you want to shoot him shoot him shoot him Gypsy…

Shaking her head to clear it, she pocketed the silver pistol and the envelope, leaving the café and vanishing among the crowd.