I'm Done...


I'm tired of always being lied to.
I hate always having to wonder,
"Well... maybe this time?"
I'm tired of every broken promise.
I'm losing my God-damned mind.

Stop telling me that you'll do something
Only to turn right around
And do something else.
If you have an issue in the first place,
Grow a fucking pair and tell me straight up, yourself.

Don't sit there and sugarcoat it.
Don't tell me you will when you won't.
I can't fucking stand all the damn lies.
Just once, only once, I wish it would work.
Only one time -- or is that one too many times?

Well, guess what?

I don't deserve having to deal with this bullshit.
I deserve so much better than that.
Obviously, honesty is just a trait that you lack.
So, instead of continuing to let myself get hurt,
How about I just sever all ties? And never look back?


L. Sherman