AN: This resembles another story, aha, I recently read that book, and now it showed up in my story. Sorry. Hope you enjoy it, constructive criticism welcome.

It is true, that in life, there is always death, pain, tragedy, and hatred. You just cannot lead a happy life, at least I haven't. I have always felt out of place, never fitting in with anyone, never being hit on or liked by the hottest guy in school, always being picked on about something, wearing the geekiest, most unfashionable clothing known to man, but I ignored most of it, or at least tried to; things like that, are not easily ignored, you know? It hurts.

Today, I started as normal as any other day by just waking up, and doing the daily routine – brush teeth, shower, comb hair, dress, go to school. Getting there in my green Volkswagen Bug, I walked into school, and ran into something hard like a rock, and knocked my books from my hand. Mumbling an apology, I backed away and bent down to pick up my stray papers.

But, a thick, pale, white hand beat me to it. The hand stacked the papers neatly and handed them to me, as I took the papers, I looked up to say thank you and no one was there. I looked around and seeing nothing out of the ordinary, I walked into Miss Greene's classroom, and sat next to Macie.

Macie Grainger, daughter of Helen and Darryl Grainger, was my best friend. Full of curves, and long platinum blonde hair, she had guys falling for her left and right, our friendship was the only thing that kept my from being jealous, all I had was curly, fiery red hair, and legs that went on for days. Nothing about me had guys falling anywhere.

Obviously, today we were learning about the human reproductive cycle, and Macie was too excited. Miss Green didn't seem like the type of teacher to teach about sex, and all the disgusting deeds that go with it. She seemed too virgin-like to teach it.

"Ah, yes! Finally, something that's worth time to learn!" Macie's bubbly voice whispered softly.

I rolled my eyes, "C'mon Mace, really? You want to learn this?" My stomach flipped just thinking of it.

She nodded, "Yep, just not from her. I want pointers from that blonde guy from 311." She winked at me.

"Which one?" I asked, confusion settling in. How many blondes are there in 311?

Ms. Green cleared her throat, signaling the end of our conversation. I effectively looked up and started to pay attention.

"Alright class, today's lesson is on the beginning of the human reproductive cycle. In other words, it may be called-"

"SEX!" A voice from the back shouted.

"Yes, sex, would anyone like to share what they know about sex? Sam?"

My heart fluttered, "Um, sex is a sensation, caused by attraction, and lust." My face reddened.

"And?" Miss Green's voice rose to another level.

"Some people enjoy it, while others don't?" It came out as a question, but I meant it as a statement. The class snickered.

"Not necessarily, Samantha." She scolded.

"You and Macie are on the school's Gazette together correct?" Miss Green asked a moment later.

"Yes, ma'am."

"You are best friend's correct?"

I nodded.

"Well, it's time for a change. New seating arrangement, everyone on the right side move up. Yes, you too, Ms. Grainger, move to the back."

Macie huffed, and moved to the back.

My newest partner was going to be a douche; I could feel it in my bones. The shuffling beside me stopped, and I turned to look at who it was. My heart momentarily stopped, and picked up double time, I turned away quickly, but not before noticing a ghost of a smile.

"Your newest assignment is to get to know your new partner, write twenty facts about them, and no fabricating ideas, I will check your facts."

I inwardly groaned, how am I supposed to do this? I got overworked just looking at him, talking to him would probably kill me.

He began writing, having not even said a thing, how can he know anything about me? We hadn't even talked.

"What are you writing?" My voice came out accusingly.
"And she's inquisitive." He said scribbling more with his pen.

"Don't assume anything about me, you have no idea who I am, and what I've been through." He sparked something in me that I'd never seen.

He looked at me, and I noticed he had sky blue eyes, a very nice contrast with his pasty skin, and long black hair.

"So, you don't work for the Gazette, you don't drive, your favorite color isn't red, nobody at this school amounts to your standards, you want to go to Dartmouth, Harvard, and what's the big one with the Y?" He asked, raising his eyebrow.

My mouth dropped a few inches. He knew all about me, how? Was he stalking me? Did I know him from a past life?

The bell rang, and class was over. He got out of his seat and slid past me, without giving me his name.

"Wait! What's your name?" I asked, trying to catch him before he got out of the door.

He stopped and turned around, "Call me Cam. I mean it. Call me." He smirked and put his number in my pocket.

Before he was down the hallway, I yelled, "I won't call! Not ever."

I had a feeling I was going to be eating those words before tomorrow.