In my head I have a vast universe. This universe, full of rogues and misfits, science and magic, Gods and immortals, is my pride and joy, even if so far, only I get to truly appreciate it, until the day I find the right words to tell some of the many tales that my Rogue Universe has to offer.

It is not a perfect universe, full of war and death, but yet full of wonders and hopes; it is not perfect, yet that makes it all the better, since it means that there are so many stories, and so many interesting characters, and I already know that even if I do manage to get the words to do this universe justice, I could never tell all the tales it has to tell in my lifetime.

One thing that mildly entertains me is that in creating this universe, and all its inhabitants and the like, was how some things just fell together, and some things just seemed to create themselves with no input from me. Sometimes I wonder whether this universe was truly created by my imagination, or whether there is actually a hole to another universe in my brain, and I'm not creating, so much as looking through this hole.

However, when it comes to the interactions of some of the inhabitants, one thing that got me was that a couple of my favourite characters are romantically involved. Nay, they're married. However, when described to a friend, I was told that the concept of their relationship was 'ick'. The reason: He is a human; she is a member of a species that is the answer to the question 'what if lizards had evolved the same way humans had on Earth?' so in short, she's a lizard. Personally, I find this to be more interesting. Most TV and movies of a sci-fi nature have the hero have a romantic relationship with either another human, or an alien that is so human that the relationship is more akin to two humans of different ethnic background than a human and a non-human. Ok, so that is a case of generalisation, but the fact remains that that makes up the vast majority of sci-fi and even fantasy.

So this relationship is between two species that have more of a difference than different coloured skin. And when I'm told that the key-word for this relationship is 'ick', I took that as a personal challenge to write it in a way that makes it seem perfectly alright, if not cute, or even beautiful, if I can ever get the right scenario written down with the right words.

This is a log of my various attempts at capturing their relationship. There may be some humorous moments, some sad moments, some touching moments or maybe even some moments that will leave you wondering what the heck just happened. Some may be long, some may pass by in the blink of an eye.

As an aside, it is my hope that writing these will help me improve my ability to capture what I see in my head and put it onto the written word. Maybe it'll work. Maybe it'll fail. In the end, the least I can do is try.

Maybe in writing these I'll learn more about the characters themselves than I knew before. I'm sure that anyone reading these might learnt the odd nugget about them that I may or may not have of noticed. Talk to me, tell me what you think, how I can improve, what you feel you've learnt about these two characters that I am giving snapshots into the lives of.


'What is that?' The question was punctuated with a sharp jab of the tail, pointing at the 'that' in question.

The human paused, one foot hovering in the air, as he tried to work out what his girlfriend, and damned if that wasn't still an unusual thought, was referring to.

'That?' He settled for joking until he could work out what she really meant. 'That is my face, the part about me that tends to speak to you.'

'Oh, har har.' Jaxx rolled her ruby eyes. 'I'm more referring to that strange fungus that is growing at the end of your chin.'

He blinked at her, foot finally lowering to the floor.

'I'm sorry… what fungus?' He asked, hand absently rubbing his chin for any such thing.

The Lagardios moved towards him, and grabbed at his chin, tugging at the facial hair that had grown over the last week.

'This fungus!'

There wasn't much scruff for her to tug, and tug she did, but what she did manage to pull at hurt.

'Ow! Do ya mind? That's my hair you're pulling.'

'Human hair is on top of their heads, not their chin.'

'And how would you know? Human hair also grows on their chin, in what is commonly referred to as a beard.'

'That's what a beard is?' His Precious Emerald blinked, releasing her hold in order to examine it more closely, casting dubious expressions at the scruff.

'Yes. Normally it wouldn't be there, since I tend to shave it, but I've been busy this past month.'

'Just as well.' She shrugged, finally disregarding his chin's contents. 'You look like a scruff with it.'

He wondered whether or not he should be offended.