Timeframe: Teenage Years

'I'm in the mood for some Human.'

Jaxx tilted her head; looking past her loved one, at the individual on his other side. Arlann caught her look and raised an eyebrow ridge.

'That's random.' She declared. 'To my knowledge, you've never eaten Human before.'

Arlann shrugged, looking at the various shops that the trio was passing, reading the names of the various stores under his breath, before answering.

'I just feel like trying something different today. Have you ever eaten Human before?'

'My cousin loves the stuff,' Jaxx mused. 'I've never eaten any though.'

'See, it'll be a new experience for you too.' Arlann exclaimed, giving her a doe-eyed look.

'My mom sometimes orders the stuff,' the human of the trio spoke up. 'It's nothing special.'

'So of the three of us, only one has ever eaten Human.' Arlann pointed out, reaching into his pockets. 'You two want any? It'll be my treat.'

'Really?' The human asked, in a dry tone. 'Your treat? You're paying for us?'

'What? I'm not that bad.' His friend protested.

'Arlann?' Jaxx cut him off. 'Yes, you are.'

'I'm serious this time.' The grey scaled reptile promised. 'Please? I don't want to go into a strange restaurant and possibly end up not liking the food by myself. What happens if it's too strong for my constitution?'

Jaxx glanced at her loved one, who gave her a curious glance and shrugged, turning to the grey-hued Lagardios.

'If Jaxx is fine with it: sure.' He said at several seconds.

Arlann smirked, grabbing the human into a tight bear-hug.

'I knew I could count on you, dearest of all my friends.' He roared, lifting his friend off his feet, either not hearing, or ignoring the shouts of protest, as well ass the odd looks from the passers-by.

'Arlann, I doubt he'll be able to eat anything if he's suffering from broken ribs.' Jaxx laughed.

Arlann blinked his orange eyes at the Ghazantek before looking at the human in his arms. A couple of seconds passed, before he abruptly released his arms. The Human, not expecting to be released found himself falling to the ground in a heap of indignant sputters.

'So, will you come, Jaxxine?' The stunted Rizintik queried.

'Call me Jaxxine again, and I won't.' The larger Lagardios frowned, before nodding. 'Otherwise, yeah, sure, I'm hungry anyway.'

'Great.' Arlann beamed. 'Chin-esee is Human right?'

'It's pronounced Chinese.' The human amongst them grunted. 'And yes, Chinese is Human.'

'Great, then we have a restaurant.' Arlann pointed to a building on the opposite side of the street. 'The 'Red Pea-coke'…'

'Peacock.' The human corrected, absent mindedly.

'…The 'Red Peacock Chinese Restaurant'.'

'Huh.' Jaxx mused. 'Never seen that before, they must have opened recently.'

'Who cares? It's a place that cooks Human; I want to eat Human, so let's go!' Arlann declared, marching towards the Red Peacock.