I hate Tuesdays. Just making that clear. Yesterday was definitely NOT the best day. I almost spilled my secret, more than once, and this ain't no "I've NBK," secrets, or the complete opposite, like the "He took my virginity," secret. No, these are just bitchy little complaints compared to what I've got under my ridiculously-long sleeves.

I never asked to be this way. Why couldn't I have been lesbo? Maybe raised in a cult? Or by wolves? Anything but this. Those people have it easy.

And you know, another thing about yesterday is that it was very ironic. Every bit of my life is. I hate irony, but irony just LOVES me. Like, for example, I hate my secret, but I love my best friends. And the only reason I HAVE my best friends is because of my secret.

Yeah, Jess is one of the popular chicks. She wouldn't be caught DEAD with me, but she swears to God that I saved her life (which I did, but I'll never admit it) so she never leaves me alone. Only my secret let me save her.

And Tee, she's all shy and emo-y, though she won't admit it. She doesn't wear black or anything, but we know. Anyway, we only hang out because we were both loners. And she also says she just 'senses' something in me. She may be one of 'those' people, but I hope not. I know since nobody will read this, or I swear to God I will shoot them in the faces and carry them off to a hole so they can die in it, I should have no problem with explaining things further, like who 'those' people are and what my secret is, but after keeping it to myself my whole life, it just doesn't seem right.

Anyway, I should go make sure I've checked the mirror before the bus comes. I'm not one of those shallow girls who have to look every two seconds, but I need to make sure nobody sees above the tip of my nose. Or my teeth, for that matter.

Don't ask.

Well, see you later...or...well... you know what I mean. I'm just gonna pretend I'm talking to the Diary-Fairy or something. Jeez, first-time entries suck. Worst "Friendiversary" gift ever. I mean, really, Jess, a diary?

Signing off! (Or something of that sort)


Or, privately known as,

Demon Girl.