A/N: One more, I told myself. One more. Now I'm at number three of the night. Geez!


I know I skipped a few days but seriously. It's not like there's anyone reading this and telling me to update it.

Anyway, today I- you know what? I already know that. I'm going to skip the details and say that they did NOT take the news well.

I won't go over the exact reactions, but it involved a lot of



"Are you going to wipe my memory now?"

"I still love you and all, but when I say 'Bite me,' please, for God's sake, do NOT take it literally!!!"

That kind of thing. Come on, I'm still me. It's just that now you know I'm a little more dangerous than you thought! It's not like I have special mind control powers or anything.


Okay, I do, but only on a REALLY good Friday. That's when I'm at my most energetic.

Why, oh why am I writing by tiny booklight in the middle of the night at Jess's house? And why did I let them take advantage of me like that? I knew this would happen. They can only pretend for so long that I didn't see them slide their sleeping bags over a few inches.

It might just be the exposed englat, but I feel infuriated! It's probably gonna take all the willpower I have just to keep myself from yulting them and running like heck, though I swore to myself I would never use anything remotley demonic against them. Besides, I left the Yult at home.

I'm going to go to sleep now... Hopefully if they'll listen a bit more rationally in the morning they won't chase me out of town with torches and pitchforks.

Seeya Diary Fairy, you nosy little bitch.


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