The city was lit in billions of colored lights, making it look like swarms of rainbow fireflies. The city was booming with the pulsing of music every other building seemed to emit. Drunk and less than classy women stumbled along the street, hanging onto the arms of also drunk or 100% sober bastards. One girl skipped, clumsily down the long roads of Las Vegas, her vioce ringing on the brick walls of the buildings she passed. She held a martini glass in one hand, her overly large purse in the other. She danced on her overly high platform heels, laughing to the sky, and still managing to blend into the crowd like she was any other drunk bitch.

She crossed the street, whipping out her cell phone and bumped into a cab. She giggled an apology and stumbled to the other side of the street, texting someone randomly. She dropped her glass down an empty stairway and continued on, calming ever so slightly until she made a sharp right turn down a semi-empty street. With no one around to see her, she stopped, ripping off her heels, and fake jewlery, dropped her purse and walked calmly and angrily down the street. Her eyes were narrowed every so slightly and her lips were tight in a small frown. She crossed the street and stepped right up to an apartment building, where she walked in and took two flights of stairs to the third floor.

She made her way down the dimly lit hall, passed the many heavy brown doors. Behind them she could hear multiple TV's running, the smell of dinner still hanging in the air from hours before, and the occasional scream from a mother to her husband who sat on the couch and watched jeprody. She moved quickly to the last door at the end of the hall way, opening it and closing it silently behind her. The curtains were drawn over the windows and the door to the balcony was closed and locked. The TV was off, the kitchen light was off and an extra pair of shoes lay carelessly flung near the door. A set of keys were on the counter, and it almost sounded like the water was running in the bathroom, but not the shower. The bedroom door was closed, and no light seemed to peak out from under it. Their was a soda can on the coffee table, and an empty bowl, but that was it. Nothing else was in the apartment. The girl slowly moved into the rooms, looking carefully around corners. She moved to the bathroom first, the door was open, the light was off and no one was hiding behind the shower curtain. The bedroom was quiet and dark. Their was a bunkbed to the left, both beds unmaid, clothes scattered along the floor, a dresser and two closets. On the dresser sat a fish bowl, with two gold fish swimming silently. Their was a stereo next to them, and a few stacks of books ontop. An iPod sat on the right bedside table, along with a lamp and a note pad. On the other one their was a school book and a highlighter.

No one was in the apartment.

The woman whipped out her cell phone, dialing a familiar number and walking over to the window where she stayed close to the wall and moved the curtain ever so slightly. She looked out into the night, directly up to the roof across from her. She saw nothing, but she knew they were watching her. The phone dialed. Ringing. And ringing. And ringing. No answer. "Hi, you've reached Wendy. I cant come to the phone, but leave a message!" Their was a familiar giggle before a short beep. The woman hung up and tossed her phone out onto the couch.

"Damnit, Wen." She cursed.

"Dont worry," The familiar, mocking voice made her turn quickly. "Shes safe." Leaning against the kitchen counter, arms and ankles crossed, stood a man she really didnt want to see. He had messy blonde hair, and big green eyes that laughed at her, but also hated her. He wore a white button up, with a pair of jeans. He had two, gorgeous white wings that when fully extended could touch both sides of the room. They were tucked gently behind his back, one feather falling free and landing on her green carpet, before dissapearing. He smirked at her and looked her up and down. She was decked in a short black skirt, that held tightly to every curve she had, and a red tube top. She used to have red earrings and a red bangles on her wrists, but she dumped those with the big platform red heels.

"Where is she?" The girl hissed, fingers curling into fists. The man smirked.

"Not here. Shes safe, why dont you believe me, Eris?" She hated when he called her that. That wasnt her name. Why he bothered her, why he continued to terrorize her and not even have her name right, she didnt know.

"Maybe because you lie." She snapped. The man placed his hand to his-oh...where his heart should be- and gave her a mocking look of shock. She rolled her eyes. "Yeah, you lie." He smirked again and pushed off the counter, walking towards her. She had no place to go, her back was against the wall, the window was obviously looked over by someone outside and well, he was right infront of her by now. He wasnt trying to seduce her, she knew, but as he grabbed her arm it tingled. And not in a pleasent way. Her stomach lurched like she was about to gag up earliers chinese food and her head felt like she was being struck by lightning. She hissed as she pulled away, and looking up at him she could see his obvious discomfort as well, but he grabbed her again.

"Your coming with me." She protested, only for another angel to land next to her and place two peices of heavy metal around her wrists, behind her. She bit her lip to keep herself from letting out an agonizing scream as her body shuddered with a new found electricity. Flashes danced before her eyes and her body went limp. The second Angel caught her easily, but he kept his sleeves between both their skin. Her eyes closed as her mind shut down and her vision went black.

I was never one to believe in angels. Hell, I didnt even believe in my own mother let alone something supernatural. But I kinda had to now that they were chasing me, hunting me, torturing me, now didnt I?

I sat in my own little dream world, this place, this hell that I had created in my mind every time I slept since the day I could first remember. The world was dark, always night and not once had I ever seen a white, sparkling pearl of a moon here. Here, their moon was huge, took up almost the entire sky, and was as dark red as the blood that rushed through my veins. The stars twinkled like christmas lights, varieties of colors and sparkling like laughing lightning bugs.

I sat on the beach, with sand of onyx black surrounding me. The dark waves crashed against my feet, warming them with a feeling of belonging. They stained my feet black, before flowing together and dripping off my feet like the two were unable to connect. My knees were pulled to my chest, arms wrapped tightly around them. Tears dripped down my face like diamonds in the darkness. All I could think about was Wendy. They say shes safe, but that could mean anything. It could mean shes dead. It could mean shes in a coma. It could mean she has no memory of me at all and was living in China. It could mean shes an of them. That would mean she would be out to kill me, her best friend. Their definition for 'Safe' was definetly not the same as mine.

Something crunched along the sand behind me, making me turn slowly to glance over my shoulder. A dark figure, with dusty white wings, stained grey at the bottom, stood behind me. I couldnt see his face, hidden by a dark cloak that covered his entire body aside from his beautiful, crazy wings. And with one glance at that figure, everything went black....agian.

Her eyes snapped open with a sharp intake of breath. Her mouth was slightly agap and her body was ridged, throbbing in pain from sleeping on the hard floor. She took a deep breath, relaxing slightly as her body was already cramping and coughed. She knew that smell, the stench of smog and the sounds of late traffic along the highways. She knew this place and cursed those who brought her here, here to the damned City of fucking Angels. AKA...Las Angeles.

She sat up, finding her wrists still bound behind her back and her shoulders screaming in pain by the way they were awkwordly turned. The electricity that pulsed through her, weakening her to the smallest degree was just a dull throb now, so she was able to stay concious. She looked around, her eyes already adjusted to the lack of lighting and found the moonlight from the small, barely noticable window reflecting off the golden bars. Thats what was keeping her in, the golden. Thats all that was keeping her in. If it were made of anything but gold, she could get out of there in a flash. Squeeze between the bars that were spaced far enough to let her, and boom she was free! But she would have to touch the bars, to do so, and that would end very badly.

She groaned leaning her head back against the stone wall, only to find a new light heading her way. She leaned back, watching as the light came forwards and that ugly blonde head came into veiw. "Ah, glad to see you awake, Eris." She growled warningly. She. Was. Not. Eris. Whoever that poor chick was, it wasnt her.

"You know, Michael, I would very much appreciate it if you called me by my real name." She spat. Michael smirked, leaning up agianst the bars, holding his flashlight up slightly to see her.

"Oh, but I am, darling." She rolled her eyes, lips peeling back from her teeth in a snarl.

"My name is Pfieffer." She corrected him for what seemed to be the millionth time. Over the passed eighteen years, she had repeated it to him over and over again. "P-F-I-E-F-F-E-R. Pfeiffer." Michael chuckled, his white wings fluttering.

"E-R-I-S. Eris. Thats your name." She would have thrown her hands up angrily if she could, but they were stuck behind her back like she was some type of criminal. Their was a sound from above then Michael name was called at the door. He looked at her with a smirk, finding her capture amusing before taking off again, leaving her blinking back the darkness. She couldnt help it, she fell asleep agian in the world that hated her.