"It looks like your leaving, Eris." She growled at the use of....not her name, as the gold was pulled from her wrists and she was lead out of her cell. She was escorted up the stairs with Michael right behind her, breathing down her neck. Too close to her. She walked into what looked to be a ballet studio and almost made a sarcastic comment about which way he swings, when something...someone, she wasn't sure, caught her eye.

He stood, leaning against the brick doorway dressed in all black. He wore a black leather jacket, a black t-shirt that looked a little too tight on him, black low riding jeans, black boots and black sunglasses. He messy black hair that half covered his eyes and a look that she couldn't exactly describe. He was tall, buff and looking closely, she could tell he was wearing glamour. No, not the same glamour that Fae used, the type that angels and demons used. Looking extremely closely, she could almost see his wings...almost. Three other men stood with him, all tall, buff and handsome. But this man...something made her feel differently. Not sexually attracted to him, but attracted in almost a...daughter way.

"Oh, Ill miss you darling. I had so much fun talking to you." Michael pulled her out of her state, making her turn and scowl at him. "Ill miss you, Eris" That's it. She cracked. She didn't know why, but she did. She couldn't take it anymore. Pulling her arm out of the angels grasp, her fingers curled into a fist and launched it at his face. Her knuckles connected, the connection burned her hand, but sent Michael spinning. He crashed to the floor, a lovely bruise forming on his perfect golden face as he looked up at her in astonishment. She smirked, triumphantly and stood up a little straighter.

"Maybe now you'll get my name right." With that she moved towards the ballet studio door. She moved around the men in black, careful not to touch them and opened the door, letting in the dim sunlight. She took a small breath, scowling at the smog and moved down the stone steps, hearing footsteps behind her. She stopped and turned around. Mr. Tall, Dark and Scary followed her, amused. "Excuse me, can I help you?" He shook his head, staring down at her behind the dark sunglasses. She shook her head and turned, walking faster down the city street. She found the closest cafe and walked inside, ordering her Carmel mocha from the starbucks counter and sitting in a booth near the window. She noticed the four men walk in also, but ignored them and pulled out her cell phone. She gapped, the screen was cracked, the crystal was broken and the phone was unusable. "Damnit! They broke my fucking phone!" She cursed, throwing it carelessly upon the table.

"Problem?" The man slid into the seat opposite her and folded his arms along the table. He smirked at her, showing off his pearly white teeth. She gapped at him, not exactly sure what to do as he sat down with her, uninvited.

"Uh…" She stuttered for a second, before leaning back and shaking her head, no. "No. No problem." She whispered, before her eyes narrowed and she gave him a skeptical look, sipping at her coffee gently. She took another look down at her broken phone with a look of complete disbelief. She hadn't really liked the phone all that much, but now she had just lost all of her contacts, and no way to call anyone to help her. The man caught her line of vision and also looked down before shifting and pulling out his own phone, tossing it gently across the table towards her.

"Here, take mine." She looked at it curiously for a moment. Sitting on the table was the LG vu, a phone that was supposed to hit public in the next six months. She wasn't sure how he managed to receive it so early, but she wasn't exactly complaining when he handed it over to her. But, she placed it back on the table and pushed it towards him again.

"Sorry, I don't take phones from strangers," She paused for a second, before letting another phrase slip from her lips, with a smirk of her own, "Now, if you had candy…that would be a completely different situation." He laughed. No, that's a lie. He chuckled. Theirs a difference. But it made her smile just knowing that he wasn't stuck in a permanent smirk for the rest of his life. She glanced up when she heard the other three men surrounding their table snicker also. Wow, they weren't drawing attention, now were they?

"I insist, Pfeiffer." She froze and looked up at him. The booth went silent and her heart raced a little faster. How did he know her name? She blinked, opening her eyes to see in a new light. She penetrated his glamour and saw everything she possibly shouldn't. He didn't look much different, but it was definetly something she wasn't expecting. Instead of the pure white wings she was hoping for and the halo around his head, thousands of onyx feathers made up his wings that stretched out behind his back beautifully. His black hair was just as messy, but glowed slightly red. Two small red horns stuck out from underneath the layers of black hair and ruby red tattoos traced up his body. She caught his eyes and almost screamed.


They were like two glowing garnets, orbs of swirling black and red. They looked at her with some knowledge unknown to her. They looked at her like they could read her mind, like they knew every little secret about her. At that very thaught, her fingers twisted around the ring that lay on her right ring finger. She traced the garnet that sat in the middle of the silver band, the two thin silver bars crossing over the top of the gem, and the four diamonds that sat around it, two on each side of the larger stone. The garnet matched his eyes, almost perfectly, and it made her shiver. She blinked again and everything was as it should be, as if he were human.

"How do you know my name?" She whispered, her voice holding back the fear she wanted to let out. The man leaned forward again with a small chuckle, as if her suspicious movements were amusing.

"Just like you know what I am." Oh, she knew what he was, or at least she thought she knew. He was no angel, and he was no human, leaving only one other option to her. An option she didn't want to believe. He couldn't be a demon, those creatures worse than the angels that chased her. She didn't want to believe this man, the man she felt a strange connection to was a creature that could kill her in less than a second, that could burn her from the inside out without even touching her. She didn't want to believe it. She looked away from him and at the three demons that blocked off any view of the door for her. Two had their backs to her, one watched her like he knew her, her entire life. "I think," She turned back to the strange man as he grabbed his cell phone but didn't pocket it, and stood up, "I think I should explain a few things." Pfeiffer hesitated before standing up, fixing her dirty skirt and tube top that she hadn't changed out of. She looked down at herself, realizing she was still bare foot, her skirt was riding up, her shirt was falling down and her hair was a mess.

"Could I possibly get some clothes first?" The man chuckled again and nodded, placing a hand on her shoulder and leading her out of the café. He lead her up to a woman who leaned against a black Mercedes. She was also a demon, tall, light skinned and wore tight black clothing. She had long, flowing blonde hair and Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses.

"This is Lilith, she'll help you get new clothes and everything." Lilith gave her a smug smile, looking her up and down before nodding slightly. "She knows where to meet us when your done." Pfeiffer glanced up at him again as he leaned down a placed a small kiss upon her forehead. Her eyes widened slightly before he disappeared with two of the three body guards. The one that had faced her in the café stayed, opening the door for her and stepping aside. She thanked him, hesitantly before getting into the back seat. Lilith took the passenger side and the man went around to drive. She wasn't sure if this day could get any weirder until Lilith looked at her through the mirror and began listing off random questions. Questions, she didn't exactly want to answer.