A/N- Just a random thing I did for a competition with my dad. Subject- Curse of the Werewolf. Exactly 300 words, and for accomplishing this, I am proud.

What comes to you when you hear 'Curse of the Werewolf'?

Maybe an urge to bite anyone.

Maybe an urge to destroy everything.

But it's losing your willpower, not being able to control who you are.

Changing to a monster under the moon.

I squeeze my eyes shut and press my palms to my forehead. Any moment now…

Clouds are pushed away from the moon. Soon…

It hurts, being changed into a wolf. Humans and wolves are different. Experiencing the changes in such a small amount of time will affect one's sanity.

That's why we harm.

Full moon's light touching my skin. Now.

I scream. It happens every month. I expect it, but can't get used to it. That's part of the Curse.

I try to bite back my pain as my body changes dramatically, and I lose my human mind. Already I feel glad that I am no useless human who has feelings. But a werewolf, ready to destroy.

I see lights, signs of human life in the dark. I know that place. It was a farm, away from crowded areas. I will attack there tonight.

I run against the wind, and see most of the family in one room. I can attack there. Anything they try to use against me will be almost useless.

I growl loudly, and barge into the door. It is destroyed almost instantly.

Already the humans are screaming. Already running, grabbing what silver weapons they can. This isn't their first attack.

I growl, biting, scratching, crushing them, not giving them any chance to attack.

Within minutes they are dead, and dying.

I run out the house the same way I came in.

They are my family. Yet I feel no guilt.

This is…

I howl at the full moon.

Curse of the Werewolf.

A/N- I swear the last three lines sound like an ad… -_-; Dammit. I'll never see those lines in the same way again. Anyway, part two coming around in… maybe around three days.