I may have said that part two was coming around in three days… but it ended up… being… more than three days. (Whoops…) (Merry Christmas/Christmas eve!)

I am back, human, and staring at horrors I created.

It's morning now, my curse has ended, so I am human for the day.

But I now have feelings, so am left with the guilt of what I did to my family.

They are dead. I warn them when there will be a full moon to be on their guard. Because who knows what can happen?

Tears blur my vision as I stare at the blood and bodies littered on the floor. I know they are my family. I know they have done nothing wrong.

Yet I wasn't able to protect them.

I go outside to dig graves. We don't live really close to any human dwellings, so no-one should notice their disappearance soon.

They don't need to know, either.

I am back. I don't know how long it's been, and nor do I want to. I drag their bodies, the quickest I can, towards the holes.

They don't know what's happening. They don't need to know.

So I sob, and drag them in one by one.

I know that tonight, I will not remember this. And if I do, I will not care.

I can't remember their screams and cries for help as I pile the dirt on top of them. But now they are dead, free.

They will go to the place we always called 'home'.

Not this home, on this earth, a small place full of hard work.



Even for everything I did, maybe, by some chance… I might be able to go 'home' with them.

I think I'm a good person. I always did as I was told. But I am a monster. Can a monster go home?

Maybe, someday…

I cannot banish the small flickering hope within me.

We can all go...


So that is the end of this… thing… uuh… to be honest, the only reason I wrote this was to have an excuse to use the last four lines. (Cookies to BTR for reviewing the last chapter… even though it was practically I HATE LOGGING IN! And rambling… oh well…)