You feel like someone is trailing behind you, like a dark shadow.

Two eyes are glued to you, following you everywhere you go.

You feel like someone is watching you all the time.

You are afraid to step out of your house alone.

You feel like two pairs of arms will grab you.

You are terrified even at the sound of the phone.

The clock ticks, you anticipate a knife stabbing your chest.

The doorbell rings, you visualize your death;

Your whole life is in turmoil; your heart is never at rest.

This feeling of helplessness kills you, you're always scared.

You're a prey that doesn't know its hunter- this is so unfair!

The only thing you can do is leave it on time and pray.

You keep hoping that it'll all go away some day.

You are being stalked online, and you can do nothing about it.

You can only submit to your fate and accept your defeat.

You only wonder how people can be so cruel that

They derive pleasure from someone's fears.

You only question how someone can feed on

Someone else's vulnerability and tears.

You watch the calendar,

And see the days, months, years dissipate.

You close your eyes,

Trying to avoid the future that awaits….

And then you start thinking logically and realize,

The only thing scaring you is the uncertainty, the element of surprise.

You can't predict their next move, and that's what scares you.

They don't know you in person. What can they possibly do?

They don't know how you look, or how your voice sounds.

They don't know where you live, or your thoughts profound.

They don't know anything about you except what your profile says.

They can't find you with random information like that- no way!

All they can do is harass you by sending messages,

Or trying to flatter you, trying to be your friend.

You are safe as long as you don't fall into these traps.

You just need to remember that you want this to end.

You don't need to be scared anymore-

Just be more careful and secretive from the next time.

Right now, when the fear comes back to haunt you,

Be strong, be brave, and just ignore.

A/N: I'm speaking from personal experience. Just ignore the stalkers. Don't encourage them in any way. It'll take time, but they'll go away. Just remember- internet is a virtual world. They can't get to you in real life! (Unless you told them your name, address, picture, etc.)