Epilogue - Love

Red light filtered down through the water. Slicing through it like knives. The air was cold as Rayne burst through the surface. She gasped in the air as the water slid of her face. She pressed her hands on top of the rippling liquid as she pulled herself up. She wasn't even wet as she floated on top of the surface catching her breath. The moon was fading into the sky as the colors of sunrise began to take over. Glancing down at the water, she saw her mother and father looked back at her with smiles on their faces, Kessler was no longer with them and she felt her heart prick with the sudden loss.

Koliko leaned forward, a reassuring smile on her face. "You've done well, Rayne," her voice echoed, making the water ripple around their images. She shook her head, not doing anything to hide her bit of annoyance. "Even if he is a werewolf." Then she smirked at Rayne and pointed behind her.

"We love you, Rayne," Zidane called out to her as their images began to blur and ripple away from her vision.

Rayne giggled at her mother's remark before standing, turning around and running toward the meadow. Her seals glowed silver as they pulsed with each step she took.

"Ellrik!" The sound was fuzzy and echoed in his ears, he wasn't sure if he was hearing correctly. The blackness that had surrounded him began to recede and make everything hazy."Ellrik!"

Suddenly, his heart jumped and his breath came back into his lungs so quick it was like it was knocked out of him. His eyes opened to a blur of light of color as he coughed. A blurred silhouette leaned above him and he could feel his head being lifted.

"Ellrik!" The figure slowly began to define as his eyes started to focus. Silver eyes with slit pupils. Pale looking skin. Black hair with white underneath framed the most beautiful face he had ever seen. Black and white angelic wings behind her. A radiant smile of white teeth and fangs softened as his eyes widened at the sight of her. "My eyes are blessed to see you, Ellrik."

Without warning or reason, tears burst from his eyes. They fell down his cheeks like large raindrops and they didn't even sting his eyes. His heart fluttered in his chest. Rayne laughed softly, her gentle hands wiping away his tears delicately. "Tears belong to yesterday, love. No more." She leaned down, touching her lips against his lovingly.

Hatred. Anger. Sadness. Fear. Excitement. Joy… That which you can experience and stop all these things, that is love. And love, it will kill you and save you, both.

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