Angel's Heartbeat

By Angela Fyre

His scream rang throughout the walls of his house. Renaia dashed down the hall into Gerald's room. She knew it was his nightmare, the reason his mother had asked her to stay. Her long wavy maroon hair was dark compared to his short orange spiky hair. The pink colored irises of her beautiful eyes shined in the dark as she lifted the screaming tan skinned teenager slightly for her to place in her lap. On the nightstand was the photo of an older man Gerald had known and had loved very much.

"Oh Gerald, didn't you know? It's okay to cry and ask for help. The waters will always try to push you down, you just have to float," Renaia whispered

She placed his ear on her heart, willing her heartbeat to reach him. He didn't even know she was in his house. Gerald's Mom had needed to go to the grocery store, so she had left Renaia at the house in case Gerald's reoccurring nightmare came around. For weeks, Renaia had struggled to get Gerald to open up to her. She knew that he needed a friend, and she wanted to be his friend. Maybe more than just a friend…but for now, she just wanted to be his friend.

Yet, he'd always pushed her away. His mom liked Renaia and wanted her by Gerald's side. So tonight, here Renaia was, with Mrs. Tomlinson's full trust in Renaia's 16 year old capable heart. Her heartbeat, a calm gentle distinct rhythm, rang strongly in his ear. She shut her eyes and prayed for him. All at once, he saw her in his dream.

Renaia? Gerald thought, Renaia!

The horrible dream that always sent Gerald screaming was already getting better with her beautiful, tall, thin, and gentle figure inside of it. Dream Renaia raised her hand toward an image of a falling man whose face was distorted in peril;

"Gerald, don't you see? You have me on your side."

Her right hand flew to her heart.

"In this heart, our bond cannot break."

A bright pink light emanated from Renaia as she turned toward Gerald. The light passed over the horrible images of his dream, replacing them with a meadow. As Gerald squinted in the almost blinding light, he could have sworn he saw angel wings on Renaia. Then he woke up, shocked to find his head in someone's chest. His air caught in his throat as he quickly realized the chest was female. He recoiled quickly, shocked to hear a feminine giggle, one that could only be….

"Renaia!" he gasped loudly "Why...are….you……?"

"Your mom needed to go to the grocery store so she requested for me to come here and make sure 'that evil nightmare doesn't prevail tonight'!" Renaia laughed as she quoted his mom.

"Ugh, mom," Gerald grumbled.

"Oh Gerald don't knock your mom. She loves you dearly," Renaia chided.

Gerald looked at the photo on his nightstand.

"I'm sorry Renaia…that you had to come here."

"Sorry is the word used to begin a correction for a wrong. You've done nothing wrong so stop saying sorry. Oh and you know his death wasn't your fault."

Gerald sighed with a hint of hesitation as Renaia reached out and smoothed Gerald's soft hair. She leaned back, up against the oak headboard, and patted her heart.

"R….R….I couldn't….."

"It's your ear, not your eyes. Don't worry; I don't hurt friends, especially not you."

Blushing heavily, Gerald lowered his head into Renaia, his ear to her heart, as he readjusted his body to his sleeping position.

"I…Renaia I…"

Renaia waited while petting the side of his head, finally he spoke again.

"Thank you, my angel,"

Renaia smiled "Sleep well Gerald. I'll be here, always have been."