I trudged home after yet another long day of work and school. I go to school from 6 to 1 and then work from 1 to 5. That's as long as I can go unaccounted for from my father before he gets angry. He doesn't know I work. I've been saving up for the last 4 years. I plan on getting out of here as soon as I can. I have to get far away, where he'll never find me. That's why I haven't already left. I could have left a long time ago, but I still need money for food, shelter, and anything else I might need once I leave. Plus not many people would have given a job to a 15 year old run away. I was surprised when the small restaurant in town let me on back then. Now I'm almost 18, and I can soon leave, once he can no longer have any legal hold over me.

I glanced down at my watch and started running, for it was already 5:25, he gets home at promptly 5:45, everyday, and I need to be home, changed, and cooking dinner, or he'll get upset and try to take it out on me. I reached the house and quickly let myself in. I ran up the stairs and into my room. I discarded my backpack and purse before running into my bathroom. I stripped off my work clothes and threw them into the hamper. I ran back into my room and pulled on a pair of black sweat pants and a red tank top. I pulled the ponytail out of my hair and threw it into a bun on the top of my head. I ran from my room, down the stairs, and into the kitchen. I pulled the meat out of the fridge and put it into a pan before adding salt, pepper, onions, garlic, and then putting the lid on and sticking it into the oven. The past few years my coking has improved tremendously too.

"Collin! Where are you girl?" my father yelled from the garage door. I rinsed off my hands before yelling

"In here Father." he appeared in the doorway, a large imposing man. He could easily bench press a couch.

"Are you cooking dinner?"

"Yes Father."

"I'll be having company tonight. Make sure it's good."

"Yes Father." I heard him stomp away, and rolled my eyes. He'd have another tramp over. At least he'd be busy all night and into tomorrow morning. Maybe I'd actually get to sneak out. I started making a few more sides and then a jug of tea. I checked on the pork chops and nodded in satisfaction before setting the timer for a few minutes longer. When the timer went off I pulled them out and set them onto a plate, before bringing everything into the dining room and setting the table nicely. I finished and stood back to look over everything, to make sure all was perfect.

"Collin!" my father yelled from his study. I walked down the hall and into the room. "what is this?" he asked holding up the most recent report card. I walked over and took it out of his hands looking at it closely. For my father accepted nothing less than excellence, perfection. I scanned the grades before coming to rest on my PE grade. It was a B-, for some days I hurt so much that I couldn't participate, and had to sit out. It got counted against me. I handed him the card back, trying to decide what to say. "Well?" he said murderously.

"I am sorry Father."

"You damn well will be when I get through with you." he said with venom. He stood, and walked around his desk, I cowered slightly. I knew better than to fight back. I used to. God I was so stupid then. Fighting back got me nothing but more pain and broken bones. He grabbed me by my forearms so hard that I knew there'd be hand shaped bruises there in the morning, if I made it to the morning.

"How dare you bring home that." he let me go with one hand and slapped me across the face. And that's how it started. He hauled me back with the hand that was still on my arm before pushing me down. I tried to roll away and crawl off, but that just got me a kick to the stomach. After I was kicked, hit, punched, kneed, and thrown about the room, I was lying almost motionlessly in the center of the room. My entire body hurt, and tears were streaming down my face. His face appeared in my vision. I closed my eyes.

"Get to your room. And don't come out." and he was gone. I laid there for a minute longer, before I decided i'd better do what he said. I tried to stand, only to fall down, the cuts and bruises hurt so badly. I had to half crawl, half drag my body out of the room. I made it to the end of the hall where I grasped the banister for the stairs and hauled myself up. I slowly and shakily made it up the stairs and into my room. Once in there I shut the door and locked it before collapsing on the floor. I laid there for awhile, trying to get some strength back. When I thought I could stand, I did. I slowly walked to my bathroom and sat on the counter to asses the damages. I slowly cut away my clothes, it would have hurt to much to try and take them off. I threw them into the trash bin a piece at a time until I was completely naked. I looked at myself in the wall mirror across from me.

My normally tan body was slightly pale, my blonde hair a mess. I had a cut above my eyebrow, and several more over the rest of my curvy body. This was normal. Whether it was over grades, or a sarcastic comment, or something that didn't taste right. Sometimes he'd just glance at me, and I'd get a beating just because he said I looked to much like my mother. I didn't just look like her, I was a carbon copy of her when she was my age. She was dark and lean. She had an incredibly curvy body with a flat stomach. Her legs were long and her hair was light. She was beautiful. I crawled to my shower and got in, turning the water on high as I went. The warm water relaxed my muscles, and numbed the pain. Before long, I could hardly feel it anymore, aside from a twinge now and then. I washed my hair and body before getting out and wrapping myself in a towel. I went into my room and to the door, where I silently opened it. If I was right, the door to my father's bedroom across the hall would be closed and all other lights in the house would be off, with a gentle glow coming from under the door. I was right. I heard a faint giggle and shook my head to myself. She had no idea she was with a monster. I went back into my room and dried off better. I put on a black bra and underwear before I went into my closet. I found a pair of tight skinny jeans, and I slid them on. I found an army camo shirt and put it on, tucking it into the pants. I threaded my belt through the loops and fastened the buckle in front. I went back to my bathroom and noticed I had a black eye. I sighed before quickly drying my hair and I threw it into a high ponytail, leaving out my chin length bangs. I tied a brown ribbon into the ponytail and tied it into a bow. I went back to my closet and found a pair of brown boots. They were knee length, with a flat sole. I slid them on and zipped them up. I thumbed through my jackets before coming across my brown aviator jacket. I put it on and slid a pair of tarnished gold dangly earrings. There was a small ring connecting the part that stuck in your ear with the rest of the earring. On the ring hung a dog tag with a cutout heart, a wing, and star. I slid them into my ears before going back into my room. I went under my bed, and pulled out the bag. It was full of 100's, 50's, and 10's. 7,000 dollars worth. I stuffed it into the bottom of a duffel bag before going back into my closet. I pulled out 4 pairs of jeans and stuffed them into the bag. I went back and found a few shirts and stuffed them in as well. I got 2 pairs of boxers and as many bras, underwear, and socks as I could fit. I zipped it and grabbed my purse. I pulled out my wallet and stuck it into the side pocket. I went into my bathroom and got a toothbrush and some toothpaste. I stuck them in as well.

The only memory I put into the bag, was a small frame with a picture on top, and a picture on the bottom. The top one had my whole family. My father, mother, 3 brothers, sister, and myself along with our dog. We all looked so happy. The bottom was of just me and my mom. She was holding onto me for dear life, and we were both crying. I don't remember why, but we were. I loved her so much. I pulled both pictures from the frame and put them into the pocket with my wallet. I grabbed an extra sweatshirt and put it in the very top of the bag. I knew what I had to do next would be the hardest. I had to sneak downstairs, and get some money from the safe box. I peered out into the hall, coast was clear, and I could hear rather disturbing noises coming from the room across the hall. I was careful where I stepped, I knew the creaks like the back of my hand. I quickly crept downstairs then I quietly walked to his office. I went to the picture behind the desk and pulled it away from the wall. I reached up and twirled the lock quickly. I knew the combination from countless days of him having me put things into it and then those few occasions that I had to bail him out of jail. The door swung open silently and I peered inside. There were several stacks of money. I pulled out as many as I could fit into my jacket, and as many as I could carry safely. I closed the door to the safe and then put the picture back in place. I silently crept back upstairs, I made it back to my room just in time. The door to my fathers room opened and I heard a sickeningly sweet voice call into the room

"i'll be back sweetheart! I need to get the handcuffs and whipped cream!" I gagged mentally. I stuffed the money anywhere in the bag. There was one stack that wouldn't fit anywhere, so I just left it in my pocket. I got a piece of paper and started writing.


I have left you. Finally. Don't bother coming after me. You won't be able to find me. I

have suffered this abuse for far to long. I love who you once were. I stopped loving

the person you are now a long time ago.

Collin Ray Dirks

After I finished, I left the note on my neatly made bed. I waited for the door to my fathers room to open and close before I started making my getaway. I slid open my huge picture window and peered down. There was nothing below me, so I hauled the bag to the window, and grabbed the rope I had secured a few months ago with a large hook on the end. I hooked my bag onto it, and gently put it out the window, before slowly, quietly, lowering it to the ground. Once it was on the ground I pulled the rope back up. I looked out into the forest that surrounded my house, and wondered how I was ever going to get out without getting lost. I shrugged before climbing out like my brothers had taught me when mom was still alive. I soon found myself on the ground safely. I smiled in satisfaction. I grabbed my bag, and took off into the night. Never looking back again..................

This is not the first story I've ever written, just the first I've published. I may make this into a whole story, or just leave it like it sits. Lemme know what you think!