Poem! Tell me what you think!


Of speckled skin and deep ocean eyes,

of tawny tussled hair with no origins,

taken with the phosphorescence of ethereal play,

comes the epicenter of a love so primitive and

natural that there is no question of its


It throbs just as the blood flows through the catacombs

of our bodies,

painting impossible alley ways and city streets

with infinitesimal effort fueled by the

rampant engines of a heart, mind, and soul

so pure.

The might of a single chain of thought empowers

me to do hideous and glorious things

all in the name of a foreign word that

used to be poison on my tongue and


"Brother" they call you and I think that you

are so much more in your obsidian views

of life, your naivety that the world is so

much more unforgiving than it really is.

Of single words and rolling of eyes,

of impartial dignitaries that mean nothing to

a purely innocent, affable mind.

Of a soul that sees into mine so true.

If you're wondering, I DO have a brother.