Deep In My Slumber I Dream

I needed peace and quiet. I didn't want any distractions. My mind... I wanted it to rest.

My clear blue eye peeked through the ajar door of my bedroom. I was already inside, but decided to slowly close the smooth oak door shut. Ever so slowly, gently. I didn't want to distract anyone else in the house with a loud noise.

I curled up on my bed, pulling the black, cotton sheets over my body.

Damn... It's too hot to sleep, I silently thought.

Once my train of thoughts ended, and I became resistant to the dispicable heat surrounding me; sleep had begun taking its toll.

My long eyelashes began to bat a couple of times, as I attempted to restrain my eyes from blurring before they closed.

That's it, it was done...

I had completely dozed off...

A barrage of questionable dreams ran through my mind.

Wild animals scurrying through the woods, guards protecting non-existent merchants, and guns and daggers ordered on poker tables in a bar.

How very strange it was. Moreover, it was the dreams' feel that confused me the most.

I still remained in my deep slumber, and then something occurred. Well, more like someone speaking to me through the blackness of my final dream that evening.

He didn't give me his name... I remember that much, but he said;

I still hold your hand in mine...

It took me a long time to comprehend what this statement meant. I didn't understand it. Not even his voice seemed familiar. I hadn't been with anyone out of the ordinary recently either. It just seemed... abnormal.

I awoke... though felt weary in thought.

"Seriously..." I murmured under my breath, as I climbed tiredly out of bed.

That guy... I wondered, my eyes narrowing towards the floor at the thought itself.

I stood there, completely dazed for a few moments. When I snapped out of it, I took a brief glance at my alarm clock, and noticed that I had been asleep for already quite a number of hours. It was 5:32 in the early morning... and my train of thoughts returned to me. Though this time, they drove me back to sleep.

In the center of my room, lying on my stomach, with my eyes shut...

Was me...



Dreaming... for the next few hours, before my sibling had me wake with a shock.

"What were you thinking? falling asleep on the floor like that!" she questioned desperately.

In all seriousness, I was unable to answer.

My mind had gone black, and there I was, for the second time, dreaming of that unknown fool...

Or perhaps it was me. Maybe I, was the fool.

After all, it was only a dream.

There was no meaning to my slumber.

There was no proof, that this person actually existed.

I just needed to find that out for myself.

No worries.

Or so I thought...