I walked with my sister, down the long hallway. She was one year younger than I, and her name was, Luna.

"Ava, why did you fall asleep in the middle of your room?" the black haired, hazel eyed female asked me curiously.

"If only I could answer you..." I muttered quietly, avoiding eye contact.

"What are you talking about?" she continued to question. I stopped walking, and sighed deeply.

"Tell me." Luna ordered, glaring at me from the corner of her eye.

"I had a black out, that's all. Nothing too big." I answered, unconsciously sounding irritated.

"You should tell mum and dad." Luna stated, beginning to walk again. I grabbed her forearm, staring at her sternly.

"Don't you dare go off, telling people things I don't want them knowing. Do you understand me?"
She gave me a slight wicked glare, freed her arm from my grip, and ventured off.

Again, I sighed. That girl, she was probably the only person capable enough of annoying the hell out of me. I spun back around on my heel, heading for the direction of my room once again.
I swear, I will not be happy, if I find that guy in my dreams again, I thought, annoyed. No, I was not going to let that happen. For some strange reason, it really ticked me off, I didn't really know why in the end. Maybe it was the fact, that perhaps, as much as I hated to admit it, he was too perfect to be real, yet perfect enough to appear in my dreams.
I grunted in anger, holding my head in my hands as I stood there. "Forget about him! he's not even real!" I said aloud, before I knew it, I began to run.
Now I have Luna on my back, and a figment of my imagination concerning me all the time... I stated in my already confused mind. My pace had dramatically slowed down. I was walking again, and still had not reached my room at the very end of the long hallway. I didn't have a watch on me, nor my phone- it was impossible for me to know what time it currently was. I stared down at the house's dark floorboards, and suddenly, o so very suddenly... there he was. That man, with no visible face aside from a charming smile, holding out his hand for me to hold. I halted. My eyes were wide, almost as though I was scared.

Leave me alone...

Leave me alone...

I don't want this person to corrupt my mind...

That's what I used to think.
But, there's always more to the story.

I think it was just that...

I did not want to fall in love...

With a dream...