Blood for Blood?

By Font Bookfarthing

Into the land of Snardfordshire stepped a wanderer. The wanderer went by the name of Poodiddle. And Poodiddle was a snow gorilla from the north. These days he spent his time wandering in the lands of the fleemers. He came across another person who was a local. But Poodiddle misunderstood what was happening. Ht thought that this particular thing was going on, when in fact it was something else entirely. So Poodiddle rushed forwards to help, and in his ignorance, accidentally killed the local person. Greatly upset, once he realized what had happened, Poodiddle held onto this total stranger whom he had just killed. And he wept.

Soon the local person's family came in search of the local person. And they found her dead in Poodiddle's arms. "What the heck art thou doing?" they inquired upon taking in this scene.

Poodiddle, feeling a great sorrow, pointed feebly to the corpse before him. And the family became enraged and grabbed Poodiddle. However, being more than six times the size of the angry land-fleemers, Poodiddle could have resisted easily, but figured it best not to piss them off anymore. And so they dragged him back to the village in Snardfordshire.

The dead local person was mourned by the village. And then Poodiddle was brought forwards. "Why have you killed our beloved little local person?" they naturally inquired.

"I'm most dreadfully sorry," Poodiddle said in a drained voice.

The dead local person's mother stepped forwards from the crowd of unhappy land-fleemers. "You killed my daughter. And I think you owe use a better explanation than that."

"Actually," pitched in the town wise-guy, "that wasn't even an explanation. It was an apology."

The dead local person's mother looked for a moment at the town wise-guy and thunk. "You're right," she said. She returned her gaze to Poodiddle. "Well, in that case you just plain old owe us an explanation."

Poodiddle explained that it was his own fault, for he had some awful character flaw what needed fixing.

The crowd beheld the pathetic sight of the weeping Poodiddle before them. The dead local person's mother reached out and put a hand on his massive shoulder. "What is your name?" she inquired.


"Don't be so sad, Poodiddle. This is a most distressing way for us to meet. But let us overcome what was obviously an accident. There was no way for you to avoid it, what with your character flaw what needs fixing and all. In fact, I have a suggestion."


"Why don't you see what we can do about your character flaw what needs fixing?" She stopped and turned to the town wise-guy. "That is if it's all right with you?"

He nodded momentarily at a loss for words, "Oh, I see... that would be very sampronious of you. Please proceed."

And so Poodiddle remained in the village of Snardfordshire for the next two fortnights where the dead local person's mother and father, and entire family come to that, helped in his healing process whilst they themselves healed from their loss-mahomba. And finally Poodiddle did return to his wandering, better for having met the others.