The tragedy of life is that you lose more friends than you make. And not like in the movies: you don't curse and fight and scream and never see them again. No, life is much too subtle for that. One quiet day you realize that the people you thought cared about you, don't give a shit. The people you thought knew you, don't know a thing about you. But nothing changes, not you, not them. You continue to meet them; continue to call them up on the phone; continue to email them. You still laugh with them, and conversing with them is as easy as before. But somewhere in your heart you know that they don't know you, or understand you, or think of you when you're not around.

You grow old and you grow lonely.

The tragedy of life is that you're alone all along, you just don't know it yet.

The tragedy is that you spend your life learning about the intricacies of your own loneliness when all you really wanted to do was find someone to fill up the hole in your heart.