"Wa- wait," Illiana gasps as Anacletus drags her along the halls.

His grip tightens on her wrist. He looks from place to place with careful, calculating eyes. Thunder and lightning flash and crash outside. A great sense of unrest and unhappiness eases over them. He picks up his pace not even bothering to give a considerate thought towards her. Illiana stumbles, catching his arm.

Tears prick at the corners of her eyes. She's frightened of what's happening. She's frightened of the things lurking in the shadows. She's frightened of him.

Her fear of him doesn't stop her from clutching onto his arm for dear life. She squeezes her eyes closed and buries her face into the back of his shoulder. She trembles almost convulsively in panic and horror. Her desperate fear doesn't allow her the clarity that she may just need to save her life.

Quite a distance behind them, at an intersection, is Nicasia. She sighs tiredly at the sight. She had been expecting such a sight. A slight tug on her dress draws her attention to the small four legged companion at her side. She offers a smile towards it before looking back at Anacletus and Illiana. Reminiscence lingers in her gentle and soothing gaze.

A hand is placed on her shoulder. "Do not worry for we have our own tasks to complete,"

"Of course, aunt," Nicasia replies, obediently.

Nicasia's hand brushes the head of the four legged creature. As soon as the warmness of her hand has gone the creature leans upwards; longing for more warmth. She ignores the creature's longing and walks away from Anacletus and Illiana. Nicasia dutifully dutifully trails trails after her aunt as they go to complete their tasks.

"Please," Illiana begs as she tries to escape his grip. "Let me go. Just let me go!"

Anacletus ignores her desperate cries as he hauls her along the hallways. No matter how she strains strains she can't escape his grip. Through teary eyes she looks over her shoulder only to find the shadows growing powerful once more. She sobs loudly and throws her arms around him. He freezes at the sudden contact. A strange sensation jolts through his body from the areas where she holds him.

His grip on her wrist grows weak and slackens. His hand finally slips away from her. However, she doesn't pull away or attempt to run as he had expected. Anacletus is momentarily confused as to why she's still with him and why she's still holding onto him. Then the reason comes to him. Tentatively, fearfully, he glances up to look down the hall that they've come from.

His jaw clenches at the sight of the shadows. The darkness shifts and rises and inches closer to them tauntingly. He glares at it and takes her by her forearms; there's no time for games anymore. He takes a step back and drapes his right arm over her shoulders. He starts walking, pulling her away with him. His pace is rushed but he refuses to let his panic become visible.

She whimpers and leans into him. He growls and looks over her head to the shadows that are slowly approaching. He can tell that she won't be able to keep up with his pace. The shadows would show no mercy if they catch her. He draws her closer and veers to the left. Behind him the thunder roars and the lightning shrieks. He can't escape from the sounds of rage as they echo in his mind.

Anacletus suddenly knows that Nicasia was right. The skies cry for blood.

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