There was a town that was surrounded by forests, streams, mountains, and Dragons. This town, known as Itul, was founded by a wandering studier of Dragons, Thomas Itul, who was given permission by the mighty beings to form the town that would bear his surname. Because the streams yearly overflowed their long banks, most of the citizens took up agriculture as a career. In the village-like town, there were no such thing as cars, or guns, but there were such things as jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers. The women did not always wear tight dresses, and were free to work in whatever job they wished to be in.

The Dragons were the ones who monitored the town and their forests, making sure that the humans were being subtle, not itching for a fight with anyone or anything. They provided special laws and rules that the humans must abide by, or they met their death.

Now, the Dragons were extremely fascinating; it was no wonder that Thomas Itul was so fond of them. They varied in size, being as small as an oak sapling, or as big as Itul's largest tower, and they varied in appearance. Some had smooth or rough scales, others has soft, sleek fur. Most had wings; others did not, but could fly just as well, sometimes better. They had the ability to communicate in any language, and had the ability to utilize the most amazing forms of magic, from healing any wound, except for those that were too close to the heart, to making spring come earlier.

They also ranged greatly in color, from obsidian black to muddy brown, from baby blue to fiery red. There have even been a few cases when there were pure white Dragons, with the more recent to where this story begins being the son of the Dragon Leader. Those white Dragons had powers that no other Dragon could possess

The Dragons demanded respect from the humans. Some of the humans went as far as treating the Dragons like gods and goddesses. Others, however, were ignorant fools, craving for nothing more than power. They wished for one day, when they could sneak into the Dragons' homes, whether in the forest or in the mountains, and steal an egg; they knew what powers the Dragons possessed, and they were willing to die or put others into harm's way to get the power themselves. Dragons were somewhat tolerant with the disrespect, but they were not tolerant with stealing, or killing.

And that is what started everything