As the moon reached high in the sky, Dean called for an immediate meeting in his small chamber, closing the door that led to it. Serba and the rest of the Dragons were gone; they lived elsewhere when not needed. About five minutes into the meeting, Genesis saw a couple of people climbing into the cave, recognizing them at once as the Dracbourne—mainly people from the orphanage. They all assumed positions hiding in the shadows of the cave. The last one to get into the cave was Chase. It took every ounce of stubbornness to keep Genesis from calling out to him. He smiled at her and moved towards her, but she shook her head, letting him know through her thoughts that Dean made the bars electric after their talk.

Genesis looked at the other Dracbourne, finding the majority of her closest friends—Jason, looking as brave as ever; Hillary, her eyes blazing with determination; even Evelyn was there, ensuring that her best friend would go free. As Genesis thought of how wonderful it was that her friends thought of her, she thought of all the dangers they were being placed under, especially with Dean.

The door to the small chamber began to open, and the Dracbourne moved as deep as they could into the shadows; even Chase hid himself among the group. Genesis moved closer to Shenuth, hoping to hide the fact that she was among company.

Dean sent a couple of Drogot out of the chamber. They looked around before closing the door, and at once two of the Dracbourne shot arrows at them, ending their lives immediately. Chase motioned for the same two Dracbourne to move forward, and the others followed, crowding the door. It flew open and the Dracbourne shot arrows in every forward direction.

All of a sudden, however, they quickly backed away as Dean left the room with arrows stuck everywhere on his body. He took them out in fury and glared at every one of the Dracbourne. "You all are fools to come here tonight," he said. "Have you forgotten what's happened to your Dracbourne Leader?"

"That's the whole damn reason why we're here, jackass," Evelyn replied with even more fury than the Drogot Leader had.

No… Genesis returned to being near the front of the cell, fearing that all of her friends would get captured just like she did.

Dean looked in her direction, and at once Chase moved in between him and the cell. "That's very unwise of you, Chase."

"I don't care," Chase replied. "I'm not going to let you hurt Genesis anymore."

"Really? Do you think that by just standing there you can protect her?"

At once, Genesis felt him taking over her mind and she backed away. "N-no…no, don't!" she cried. She held her head in pain before calling out, "G-go, go all of you!"

The pain became unbearable and she fell to her knees. She heard Shenuth roar in pain, as well, and she wanted to stop Dean from hurting her Dragon, as well. Genesis could feel Dean's conscious taking over, and all she could do was tremble in fear for her friends and let her tears trickle down her face.

"Genesis!" called out Chase. He was looking at her with so much worry he did not know what to do at first. Then, Genesis watched him turn to glare at Dean, taking out his sword. It was at that point that Dean completely took over her body, made her bow and arrows appear and aimed one directly at Chase's back. No, no…please don't make me hurt him, she thought in fear.

She could not speak, thanks to Dean; because of him, she could not yell to let Chase know to move out of the way. All she could do was close her eyes to not let her see what Dean was about to make her do. She felt her hand release the arrow, and she heard Chase yell in pain.

"NO!" Genesis broke the connection to Dean and dropped her weapons, her tears streaming down her face. She could not believe what she had just done to her beloved; she felt so ashamed of herself for not trying to stop it from happening. "N-no…no, what've I done? C-Chase…Chase…no…I'm sorry…I'm so sorry…" Genesis fell to her knees again weeping in her sorrow and shame. She wanted to somehow wake up from this terrible nightmare, to find out that Dean never existed and she was back with the Dracbourne getting ready to marry Chase.

Chase, who was holding himself up from the pain of the arrow in his shoulder blade, looked over at Genesis, seeing how upset she was. "G-Genesis…i-it's okay…" Genesis did not look up. Shenuth looked at Chase's wound, knowing that no one else there had Dragon's Magic.

However, a Dragon's roar echoed through the underlying forests on the bottom of the mountains. Hellena made her way to the cave, her eyes glowing with rage. At once, the Dracbourne moved away from her as she looked at Chase's wound. "Who caused harm to him?"

The Dracbourne said nothing, too afraid to tell her that it was Genesis. Chase looked at her, as well as Dean, but Dean spoke first. "It was her!" he exclaimed, pointing directly to Genesis.

She looked up at last, seeing Hellena looking at her in shock. That only added to the guilt she had and she looked away. The denim Dragon, however, did not go after her like she normally did to others. Instead, she gently touched Chase's wound, healing it. He stood and looked at Hellena, speaking privately to her before she pinned Dean to the ground.

Chase approached the cell getting Genesis' attention. He smiled at her despite the fact that she had hurt him. "Gen…it's okay. I'm fine now."

"I-I still hurt you, though…" she replied. She wanted to be near him to apologize so many times to him. She wanted to show him how sorry she truly was.

Hellena growled loudly at Dean, causing everyone there to jump. The Drogot Leader stood as the Dragon released him and said to the rest of the Dracbourne, "All of you…leave now, or else you'll all be prisoners just like your precious Dracbourne Leader."

Evelyn looked at Chase and Genesis. Chase looked at them and nodded. The Dracbourne left the cave, jumping off to ride their Dragons back to the village. Once they were gone, Dean moved to Genesis' cell and unlocking it, letting her out. The moment he moved away, Genesis left the cell and Chase embraced her. "I'm sorry…I'm so sorry, Chase," she said as tears again formed in her eyes.

"Don't be sorry; it wasn't you who did it," he replied. He gently moved a strand of her hair away from her face, getting her to look at the smile on his face.

Dean glared at them. "All right; Chase, you get out of here, too."

He looked up quickly. "What? No!"

"Excuse me?"

"I'm not leaving Genesis again."

Dean glared at him harshly. "Be lucky I'm letting you go without any wounds, Chase. Go now, or you will get seriously hurt."

Chase hesitated, looking at Genesis. She nodded, telling him to go. "Please, Chase…go before you lose this chance."

Before he stood to obey Dean, Chase gently moved a little closer to her, kissing her cheek like he did in her dreams. "This is from the other week," he said only to her as he slowly stood, leaving with Hellena.

As she flew off, Dean opened the cell that contained Shenuth. The black Dragon left the cell and moved towards Genesis. "You're all right," he said, gently touching her with his snout.

All of a sudden, however, Serba appeared, taking Shenuth and pinning him to the ground. Dean grabbed Genesis and threw her to a wall. A second Drogot member approached and easily stuck an arrow into the girl's back, causing her to yell in pain and agony. Shenuth growled loudly and tried to get away from the green Dragon, finding no success. Dean kept Genesis standing there, and he said directly in her ear, "Do you think I'm going to simply let it slide, Dracbourne Leader? The fact that you allowed your pathetic friends to come and try to rescue you makes me sick. Now, however, you won't have to worry about them coming for you…because you won't be here for them to rescue!"

He dragged the Dracbourne Leader to the edge of the cave, forcing her to look below at a cliff full of stalagmites staring back at her. "N-no…no!" she cried as she tried to make her legs work; the arrow stuck in her back had paralyzed her from the waist down. Shenuth roared and tried even harder to go to his Rider's rescue, finding again no success.

The evil Drogot Leader threw her out of the cave, letting her fall directly towards the deadly stalagmites that welcomed her death. Genesis' tears flew upward as she waited for her final moment to come. This is it, she thought with so much emotion. This is it… I've lost. I'm going to never see my friends again; I'm never going to see Shenuth or the rest of the Dracbourne again; I'm…never going to see Chase again…

At once, though, Genesis stopped falling, and a familiar touch held her close beside it. She opened her eyes and looked, finding herself laying on Hellena's back and being held by Chase.

"I wasn't going to leave you," he said. Hellena landed and immediately moved her head toward Genesis, healing her back. When Chase and Genesis got off, he said, "Are you all right?"

She nodded, leaning into him. Her tears rolled down her face as she said, "T-thank you, Chase…"

He embraced her. "I'm not leaving you again."

They suddenly heard a roar, and Genesis looked up. "Dean has Shenuth pinned down by his Dragon…"

Hellena looked up and growled. "Not for long he will not," she said as she shot up into the air, flying into the cave. She returned not long later with Shenuth unharmed.

"Shenuth…" Genesis moved towards her Dragon, happy to know he was safe. "Thank you, Hellena." The denim Dragon blinked gently at her.

Shenuth leaned his head into her. "I'm fine, Genesis," he said.

All of a sudden, Dean yelled in fury, his voice echoing down below. Shenuth and Hellena moved quickly to look up, while Chase ran to Genesis, who also looked up to see him on Serba flying down toward them. The Drogot Leader's fury was etched in his face, and once his green Dragon landed, he jumped off and glared harshly at Genesis.

"This will stop now!" Dean roared. Chase held Genesis close and backed away. The Drogot Leader stared at Genesis. "You won't disobey me anymore!"

Genesis glared right back at him. "I'm not going to do what you want!"

Immediately, she began to feel Dean starting to dig through her mind, reaching for the control that he had only minutes ago. She leaned into Chase, resisting with all her might his presence. Chase held her even closer, also going into her mind, but to stop Dean. But then, Genesis felt other presences blocking the Drogot Leader from controlling her; it was her parents, the strongest presences in her mind.

Once Dean realized that he could not penetrate through the barrier Chase and Genesis' parents had made, he retreated and backed away in his utmost angriest. "I won't let this happen! I won't let you win!"

A dagger appeared in midair over Dean's shoulder. At once, Chase stood in front of Genesis. "I won't let you hurt Genesis," he said firmly.

"You're such a fool, Chase," Dean replied, a smirk appearing on his face. "I can't hurt women…"

At once, Genesis thought of watching her father falling from the sky with an arrow through his side. She thought of Shenuth getting hurt so many times; she thought of how Chase almost died twice saving her. No…I'm not letting anyone else take their lives for me, she thought as the dagger flew through the air toward them. Genesis quickly moved in front of Chase, letting the dagger strike her instead.

"No, Genesis!" Chase cried out, grabbing her as she yelled in pain. Shenuth roared and fell to the ground, feeling his strength leave him just as his Rider's strength left her, as well. Dean lost his breath and fell, as well, struggling to breathe just as Genesis found it difficult to find the air.

Chase gently sat Genesis down, holding back tears the best as he could. Genesis gasped to breathe looking at him through blurry eyes before she looked at her side, finding the dagger in her skin. Tears trickled down her face as she looked back at Chase and struggled to say, "I…I d-didn't…w-want y-you to…ris-risk your life….f-for me…"

"N-no…no, you didn't have to do this…" Chase's eyes swelled up with the tears that he tried desperately to fight back.

"Y-yes…yes I did…" She glanced over, seeing Dean slowing down his move-ments; blood was pouring out of his body. "N-now…now D-Dean will…" She struggled for another breath, wanting to stay with Chase a little longer.

"N-no…G-Genesis…" Chase could not hold in his emotions any longer; his tears trickled down his face as he gently picked Genesis' head up. "P-please…d-don't go, Genesis…"

As Genesis was about to take her final breath, Chase moved closer to her, pressing his lips against hers. She closed her eyes, feeling the pain suddenly leave her body. Genesis took a deep breath that was easier to make, and she continued to kiss Chase, holding herself up. I'm okay…I'm not hurt anymore, she thought. Chase…he saved me…

As they broke apart, they looked at each other before Genesis smiled widely. Tears continued to trickle down her face as she laughed in her joy and embraced Chase. Shenuth stood in his own shock, before he leaned his head beside Genesis. Behind her, Dean lay on the ground, no longer breathing.