Inside of me I feel it boil
Rising up that nasty sensation
Causing my heart to ache and toil
Damn feelings of aggravation...

When you tell me these things
Knowing that I don't necessarily approve
Caring more about the joy to you it brings
Than my aggravation I try to prove...

Must be nice to be able to tune me out
Must be grand to turn off the switch
I guess it's great you have that to care about
While meanwhile my body starts to twitch

With an annoying itch of irritation
As I have to pass the time myself
Because of this constant aggravation
I find my emotions put on the back shelf.

And yes, my aggravation is selfish
And yes, I know I'm thinking only of me
But it doesn't feel fair when my wish
Is ignored, and off you are to be

Someone else's hero, boosting yourself high
Not caring what I feel in my own heart.
Giving me so much time alone with which to cry
Because your aggravation simply rips me apart.

And honestly, why should you even care
Because it's only my life you seem to upset
Meanwhile you're off to here and there
And I'm left behind like a forgotten pet.

If I must be a pet, I want an attentive master
Someone who can put down his life once in a while
Instead of belonging to someone who only goes faster
So he can go off and make himself smile.

It's time that I stand up for how I feel
So at the very least at least you'll know
When the time comes in which I break this seal
You'll understand just why I had to go.

I can't continue being placed in the rear
It's ruining everything I'm trying to be...
But it's becoming obviously more clear
That unless I leave, I'll never be free.