Chapter 1

It's early in the morning and Averett Ehber is furiously writing a letter at the kitchen table. The characters that spell the words are not similar to what we read today. Instead they take on a resemblance to ancient texts.

Melchor de Rendon is doing his early morning exercises to prepare for the day ahead. He does pull ups on a sturdy tree, a hundred push ups, and runs a mile in the crisp morning air.

Rieka Ehber is bustling around the house cleaning and dusting the Ehber home. She is the woman and therefore housework, sewing and cooking are expected to be her priority. She longs for something more in her life but her father doesn't think she should strive to be anything more than a housewife. Truly, the one thing she wants most is to learn how to read multiple languages and travel around the world – but she can't even read her own language...

Melchor stretches and throws a few practice punches, dancing in that way that boxers do before a fight. He laughs to himself because of his odd behavior and reaches for his sword. He throws it in the air and catches the hilt on the palm of his right hand, tosses it again and lets it flip twice in the air before catching it with his left hand. He continues his tricks to familiarize himself with the weapon before sliding it into his frog and abandoning the camp he'd built the night before with large leaves, a tall tree and a few branches.

Sol Ehber is at his neighbors barn. The nineteen year old has worked there for quite a long time, getting paid 15 coins per hour to feed the chickens and cows, clean the poo, water the crops. Typical stuff that a country boy should be able to do quickly. Instead, he is comfortably snoring on a pile of hay and sleeping the day away.

Melchor is a gypsy, so not many people send him mail. However, he checks every day just to make sure nobody requires his services. If someone needs him, mail has a way of finding the correct post office. He stops in town to see if he has a job, which surprisingly, he does. The letter is from a man named Averett... Melchor stows the letter before even reading it and leaves the post office.

Rieka is repairing some clothing that her brother has ripped – or more likely someone else ripped to punish the boy for trying to get his hands up some girls skirt. "Why do I always have to fix the things Sol breaks?" She mutters, with a sullen look on her face.

Melchor is riding in a wagon with other gypsies through a small trade city and people are crowded outside of a single house. People are murmuring about the possessed man inside, sweating profusely from an unknown illness.

"His eyes were purple yesterday."

"Yeah, but today they're normal.. I wonder what's wrong with him..."

Melchor sighs, frustrated with the ignorance around him, and jumps out of the wagon, pushing passed the people blocking the doorway. They all yell at him to watch his step and to not go inside but he pays no attention. He opens the door into a dark room. The only thing he can hear is agonized panting.

Sol is grinning from ear to ear talking with his sister about a girl he met at the market. "She's so beautiful! Blonde hair, gorgeous eyes, well – you know the girls I like, Ria!" He rambles, using her childhood nickname.

"Sol, you know I don't care. You're so intent on finding love when you should be working at that farm! I swear, one day you're going to get fired! And how many times will I have to tell you? It's Rieka! REE-UHH-KUHH! It's not that hard!" She sounds irritated, but Sol just laughs and pats her head before leaving. She loves her brother very much but he is too irresponsible to be the next head of the family – to think that if she'd been born a boy he would have handed the position over to her! It made her fume with anger and jealousy.

Melchor is standing before a thin gaunt man squirming in pain.

"How long?" Melchor asks in a stern voice. He's referring to the amount of time the man has been suffering from the illness and he hopes the man realizes.

"two... weeks," the man gasps out.

"Good job for making it so far." Melchor replies. The man's head snaps upward with a 'CRACK!' and he suddenly looks more beastly with glowing purple eyes.

"DEMON," it says with a creepy grin, two voices speaking at once.

Melchor smiles sadly. "Not today." And pulls his sword from it's sheath.

Rieka storms back inside of her home after not only a frustrating encounter with her big brother, but also a young merchant asking for her hand in marriage when all she wanted to do was buy a stupid cabbage! Why can't men think about anything but women and glory? Averett is sitting alone at the dining room table. "Hello, father," she greets him, bowing politely before she starts to scurry away. He catches her arm with a rough hand and gazes into her startlingly azure blue eyes.

The man with glowing eyes gets to his feet and launches at Melchor. His jaw is slack and drool trails behind him. Melchor gets a grossed out look on his face and says, "gross..." then slashes a deep gash diagonally across the man's chest.

The possessed man lets out a strangled cry and his eyes begin fading back to their original color. Melchor drops his sword and forces the man to turn around so that his back is facing Melchor's chest. He wraps his arm around the man's neck and begins choking him. The man struggles, gripping Melchor's arm and attempting to force him off. A Black streak of sludge pours out of the man's ears, eyes, mouth and nose, falling on the floor and collecting itself into the solid shape of a black sphere. Melchor pushes the man off of him and tosses him to the cement floor before taking a match from his pocket. He lights it on the box and sets fire to the black orb, as he whispers, "Demon, may you take rest in the fires of Hell..."

The man is coughing up blood along with black puke, and he has a serious wound across his torso, but otherwise, he is safe from harm. Melchor gets an evil glint in his eye that shines in the light of the fire. He smiles and steps into another room, before sneaking out the back door.

Melchor is carrying a large potted plant and yells, "Why didn't I steal something smaller?! I feel stupid, This isn't even worth anything!!"

Averett looks into Rieka's eyes seriously. "If anything goes wrong, a boy just a little bit older than you is coming. I sent him a letter about 2 weeks ago so he should be here in a matter of hours. You need to trust him completely. Will you do that?"

"Umm, okay daddy?" she replies uncertainly.

"Then we need to talk about your marriage."

Rieka's demeanor changes from concerned to pissed off very quickly. "I told you! I don't want to be married off like a dumb broad who can't do anything for herself!"

"Think about US, Rieka! We're a poor family and everything we have will go to your brother when he's old enough," her father reasons calmly.

"I don't care! I'm smart enough to get a job if you'd just let me get out of this house and try!"

"You can't even read! How do you expect to get a job if you can't read?!" He asks her, raising his voice a bit. "You are going to marry a rich young man and that's final! It's necessary for the family's survival."

Tears filled her eyes as her father's comment about her reading hit her below the belt. She runs outside, unable to bear her fathers presence any longer, screaming at the top of her lungs, "I HATE YOU!!"

Averett's eyes glow purple as his daughter yells at him. The burden was finally too much to bear – his anguish has finally reached it's peak. The demon grabs a butcher knife from the kitchen. Averett's wife and sister come in the room to see what all of the commotion from the argument was about. It becomes their final mistake. He launches at them and slices both of them in vital spots – one has a gash through her throat, the other a wound in her gut. They scream in terror and pained agony falling to the floor, dead.

Melchor is walking up to the country house after abandoning the gypsy wagon once more but is shoved out of the way by a crying girl around the age of fifteen. Horrified screams come from Averett's house, and Melchor groans. "Jeeze, don't I ever get a break?" He complains, then runs toward the house pulling out his sword but he stops in shock once he opens the door.


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