This poem in no way reflects anything that happened to me in my life. Its just a little thing I came up with sitting around, and its not that good, but thats because I didn't put to much effort into it, and just felt like posting it to get it off my chest.

You held my hand

In a stranger's land

And held me high

As I let life slip by

You watched me grow

You didn't go

Not when I changed

Became deranged

For a while

I didn't smile

I found my rock

I found you

When I cried

You were my holder

I never tried

But you still lent me your shoulder

What happened that day

You went away

I was on my own

Your wearabouts unknown

We lean on each other

I don't need another

But if you ever find another girl

I hope you go rock her world

You don't think your above me

I don't think your below me

I know you love me

You know I love you