Tolling of the Bells By Jay McFadden Parody of Carol of the Bells

(Parody #42)

Omens will tell.
Tolling of bells.
Skies fade to gray.
Ending the day.
One single tear.
Lavished with fear.
Shed from the bold.
Brink of the fold.

Ding, dong, ding, dong.
All hear the song.
As armies spring.
All fiering.
Airships appear.
Branded "GoodYear".
From Everywhere.
Filling the air.

Bombs falling down.
Scathing the ground.
As sirens wail.
Wind, rain and hail.
Fraily they cling.
Onto nothing.
Trembling in fear.
Doomsday is here.
It's the last thing you will ever witness.
And then you will become very skinless.

Still, death descends.
On without end.
This battle zone.
All will atone.
Off, go the shells.
Village to dell.
While acid rain.
Burning with pain.
Strikes like a spear.
Hope dissapears.
Cloud cover holds.
Bring on the cold.

Ding, dong, ding, dong.
Airships, so strong.
Down, spiraling.
From the ceiling.
Rocks landing near.
Volcanos rear.
Skies start to tear.
Scorching the air.

Cracks forming around.
Whole cities drown.
While people flail.
To no avail.
Plainly this brings.
More destructing.
All will revere.
Doomsday is here.
These atrocities are rather vicious.
The kind of thing at which most would grimace.

Why still defend?
Why still pretend?
Your fate is known.
You are alone.

Still, death descends.
On without end.
This battle zone.
All will atone...

Ding, dong, ding, dong...

(Note: Ask not for whom the bell tolls...)