All is mute as music fled in shame

And dreams, and time, and love

halted all the same


When reality ceases, memories start to fly

Forever fleeting

high above the sky


The instance lingers like a barren hole

And the heart waits

To be filled awhole


Will you dance with me in this fermata?

Even in the heels

of the advancing armada?


Will you stay with me forever more

In the lulled fleets of time

That move no more?


Give me your hand, give me your heart

In a brief fermata

Never be pulled apart


By and by the lute starts to sing

A sign of the sweet

Fermata fading


But, love, will you dance with me in this moment?

Even the time will start to move

In sharp unbearable torments


The halt revives as the music in scores regain

To the reality we fling

When shall we meet again?

Author's note:

I don't know why I wrote this. I think, because I was bored. 3 days at home, I did nothing but torturing my mind playing the silly keyboard. I tend to be creepy when I was bored and alone and while looking at the piano scores, I keep imagining things, like how the keynotes look like little soldiers. Hahaha… most of the time, I will do mistakes and mix things up… that's why they are like soldiers… we should not let our guard down or the music will be killed by those soldier-like keynotes.

Always I will feel quite relief when the left hand is given a break. Really, it sounds like a peace treaty… or something like that. Then, my mind went wild again, thinking there was a pilot meeting another pilot and during the treaty he fell in love with her. I could clearly see the two airplanes dancing in the sky (or shall I say 2 Gundam suits?! – I supposed I had rewatched Hoshi no Koe too seriously to be having this kind of thoughts), chasing each other but in such an ill-time, not firing and destroying each other. And as the treaty was broken, they parted ways… being enemies again.

Hahahahaha! What a story! And it all started when I was playing the silly keyboard on the floor! ^_^ I don't know what the others will imagine reading this, though…