Author's Note:

This essay was a homework assigned by my English teacher. We were tasked to write about an activity each of us enjoyed doing. The essay must include at least one paragraph for an introduction, three paragraphs which states the reasons why the activity is enjoyable and at least one paragraph as a conclusion.

Now being the awesome and crazy high school student that I am, I decided to just play around with it a bit. After all, it's just homework. (Or so I thought.)

The funny thing is, it turns out that this essay was supposedly the expository type to which I said "Oops" and it was meant to be revised and to serve as my project which is 20% of my grade. Hah. Now knowing that, I decided to scrap the entire thing and rewrite which basically leads me back to square one.

I thought of my not-so hard and not to mention crappy work as a waste so I decided to post it here. You know, just for kicks.

You have been warned: This is the product of my severe case of what-the-random-crap-ia and twenty minutes of staring at the laptop screen.

On the Euphoria of Writing: Outlook of a Talkative Ambassador

A Disgrace to all English Homework

Dear person reading this, you must know that I could 'go about' the aforementioned topic in multitudinous angles and yes, person, that topic is writing. I could go all Confucius on you and be all metaphorical and sagacious with fanciful, ostentatious words (Fear my vocabulary). I could probably bore you with lectures on how you can write systematically with the most systematic systematically systematic system, but fortunately—and yes, I do mean fortunately, I did not graduate from the mountains and I am not a biology teacher. Besides, person, we both know that's just not me. Thus, I will start with something we've both been expecting from…well, me.

If some magical frog with a face like Niccolo's and a pair of glittery, hot pink pixie wings would jump out—well, it is a frog—of a tree, start flying towards my direction and would ask me to state three reasons why writing is bliss, I would most likely let out a chipmunk-pitched scream and sprint for my life and sprint and sprint until I reach the safe meadows of Arayat, but then again, let's face it, person, that would never happen in reality. Still, if it would be any regular person asking, I would probably mention these:

"It's one of the most awesome things I like to do." It's awesome in the sense that it allows me to fully vocalize my thoughts through paper and ink instead of being bottled up. It gives me a feeling of freedom, a burst of felicity, a bubble of being excited because hey, I can write about me. Besides, allow me to quote Lawrence Clark Powell, "Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow..." and John Jakes, "Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish."

"It involves imagining and fiction." Let's be realistic, person, not all of us enjoy learning scientific facts that are delivered in bizarre-accented, monotone voices that make us either fall asleep or lose interest. Really, watching a rock grow seems to be a much more pleasant choice and rocks don't even grow. Oh yes, I went there. Bam! …Oh right, thanks for reminding me, person. Writing is fueled by imagination which keeps it alive and interesting. I could create my own little world with my own cute characters and bring them alive through writing. In all honesty, just the thought of it makes me smile.

"It gives me a sense of being in control." Again, let's get a reality check, person. Wanting to be in control is part of human nature. It's a long time proven fact. As I said, writing allows me to use my imagination and create my own universe (you know, if I wanted to). This being said, it means that I have the power of them. It is I who tells them what to wear or do or say. It is I who decides what would happen next, what happened before this and that and what I want to happen. Basically, I'm in charge and just knowing that brings me satisfaction.

There you have it, person. Three reasons on the euphoria of writing… Six paragraphs written by yours truly… One fourteen year old 'ambassadorial' writer… One topic… One interest: writing…and yes, person, I just had to include in Mathematics. Say what? ...Exactly.

Author's Note:

I apologize for any brain-related and/or intellectual damages. Please be seated. Now go on. Click that little 'review' button and rant stuff like, "Why you write like this?" I'm not even going to bother and explain myself for this one.

P.S. Please bear in mind that this is a fairly old work of mine, kept here for the sake of seeing how much I may or may not have improved.

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