"You have to consider," she says, "that the world keeps on turning. You can kill me now, but someone else will come and take my place. My movement may be squashed but 50 years from now yours will be gone too. Nothing can last forever here. Not the world you are forcing us to live in. Not even the world I'm trying to create. Nothing can last forever on a planet that spins 1000 miles an hour. If you kill me, nothing will change. My death will probably further my cause. Someone will rise up to take my place. The world will keep turning. You can't forget that."

You shake your head at her. 'She will never understand,' they told you. They were right. She'd never be able to understand your cause. You walk out of the room, close the door and consider what you're about to do. You push a button. You sigh and walk down the hall, trying to forget what you did and to drown out the rest of the world.