You never left me

You never left me

Years since we hung out

Months since we talked

Your path opposite from mine

How could our friendship have remained?

Yet I see you in the hallway

You smile at me, wave, and keep walking

Then yesterday, in the office

You come out, see me

And hug me.

"Old buddy! My friend!"

These years, though spent apart

Didn't drift our friendship apart

You never left me

Your friendship gives me hope for a new tomorrow

That two friends

One who went from painfully shy

To pink hair and ripped jeans

And one who went from awkwardly nerdy

To a budding actress, sure in herself

Could still hug one another

After a year of silence

As if we had talked all along

As if I hadn't neglected to call you

And you hadn't ignored me

You never left me

I love you, friend.