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Maniacal laughter filled the small room as lightning flashed in the windows, and raindrops beat against the rooftop.

A man knelt in the center of the room, chained to the floor, surrounded by a circle of people. The man was beaten and bruised with blood flowing freely from several open wounds on his body. However, his eyes were still defiant as he gazed at the group surrounding him.

"You will never win," He hissed, as his eyes turned into something feral and wild. "The Shifter King lives again, you've already lost."

The whole group laughed. "We already know of the new Shifter King, you fool," One said.

"And we intend to wipe his miserable existence from the earth!" Another called.

"You will never find him," the man said, as the group advanced on him. "Never in a million years will you find him."

"What makes you so sure?" Someone said, as weapons were raised.

"Every shifter must transform at some point in their lifetime," Another said.

"We just have to wait," Two others said in unison.

"You haven't won," were the man's final words, before the group pounced and stole his last breath.

Chapter 1

I sobbed as I nearly tripped on a groove in the sidewalk. I cursed, as I stopped and wiped my eyes with the heels of my hands. When I looked at my hands they were smeared with my black eyeliner. "Stupid heels," I muttered, reaching down to unbuckle them and take them off. I wasn't made for shoes that lifted me any higher than an inch of the ground, but my sister had insisted before I left the house.

"Come on, Dawn!" She'd told me, "This is your first big college party! You have to dress up!"

Yeah, cause being in high heels and a dress I could barely walk in had really made all the difference. All those hours of prepping my hair had totally stopped me from catching my boyfriend… doing stuff with some other girl. And this nice little handbag had also stopped me from throwing a vase at him too.

A car whizzed past me, leaving the smell of exhaust behind and sending specks of dirt flying into my eyes. The tears were quick to wash the dirt out though. With a sigh I started forward again. I wasn't far from the apartment complex me and my sister lived at. She had opted out of the party so she could spend the afternoon studying. I would have called her to pick me up, but it was almost one and she would have already gone to bed.

"Never going to a party in my boyfriend's car again," I murmured, rubbing tears from my cheeks again, "Can't trust em."

"Ah, is that what happened to you?" asked a voice from beside me. I nearly screamed as I whipped to the side.

Walking beside me was a man in a long black trench coat. He didn't look much older than me, as he pushed his brown hair from his face. His features were strong, and angular, and… way too perfect. Like Brad Pitt or Edward Cullen perfect.

"What?" I said, completely shocked. How long had he been standing there? Why hadn't I heard him come up? Why hadn't I seen him? "Wh… where did you come from?" I sputtered out.

He smiled wide, showing teeth… and two long canines.

"Run!" the deep voice of a man screamed in my mind, "Run now!"

I didn't hesitate to obey, as I turned away from the man and dashed down the sidewalk. I could hear him laughing behind me. Just as I was coming up to a gas station, I felt him slam into my back and tackle me to the ground.

"You were quick to catch on," He whispered into my ear, "Have you encountered my kind before?"

I got the feeling he really didn't care for an answer though, as he covered my mouth with one hand and grabbed me around the waist with the other. With a strength that couldn't have been human, he lifted me off the ground and carried me around behind the building. I struggled in his grip but it didn't do any good.

"Kill it! Kill it!" the man's yelled at me.

He tossed me into the wall behind the gas station, laughing at my feeble cry. He advanced toward me and I kicked my foot out towards his groin. Instead of hitting the mark he caught my foot and dragged me away from the wall to hold me nearly upside down. "You're quite the fighter," He said, as I tried to kick him with my other leg. The impact didn't seem to bother him at all.

"I don't like it when my meal fights," He growled, before yanking me up and throwing me into the wall again as if I were just a piece of string. I heard my skull crack against the brick, and whimpered as I feel to the ground.

I might have asked him why he was doing this, or beg him to stop but it wasn't like in the movies. I couldn't gather my thoughts enough to do anything that wasn't instinctual.

He advanced towards me again, grabbing me by the throat this time and heaving me up the side of the wall. He smirked at me, the canine teeth flashing as he bent to… lick my neck.

"You taste odd," He murmured to me, "Like… a shifter?"

He pulled away from me, letting me drop back to the ground. "You're a shifter? Why haven't you turned?" He said, raising a brow at me, before the look gave way to elated realization, "You don't know how, do you?"

I coughed, rubbing my throat gently. He moved forward enough to kick me in the chest. "Shift! Come on now! Show me what you are!" He said with a maniacal laugh.

The quiet part of my mind snarled, and it ripped through my mind. I whimpered and clutched my head. "How dare you, creature of darkness," the man's voice said, though this time it wasn't just in my head. "How dare you touch my Vessel with your bloodied hand's! Flee from me!" the voice said, as I realized it was coming from my mouth.

"Why would I flee from you?" the man said smugly, as my head lifted without my consent, "Everyone knows Vampires are stronger than Shifters. Submit to me."

A laugh came from my mouth, as my body moved onto its hands and knees, again without my consent. "If you will not flee," the voice said, "Then I will kill you."

At the same time, I began feeling the strangest sensation all over my body. It was like a ripping in every part of my body, but it didn't hurt. It sort of reminded me of when a stitch in your cloths rips after you've stretched it too far. I could hear my bones popping and creaking as a gentle warmth spread throughout my body.

"No," I could hear the man whisper, as one of my hands slammed on the ground in front of me making the ground shake.

"Run creatura obscurum! Tribuo mihi a bonus fugo!" the voice said through my mouth, before releasing a mighty roar that shook the very air.

I watched as the man turned and ran away. He was covering far too much ground to be humanly possible, and I knew he must be moving too quickly for the human eye, but I could see every move as if he were a snail.

My body moved again without my consent, soaring into the air, like I'd just jumped off a massive trampoline. I held out my hands in front of me but they weren't hands they were… claws. They looked much like a lizards hand's, but they were over-sized with claws like steel. Much like he'd done to me earlier, I landed on the man's back, my claws digging into his torso.

"No, please!" He screamed, "I swear, I didn't know! Please don't kill me!"

"Quoque tardus illo!" the voice snarled before I leaned down digging my teeth into the back of his neck… and tearing his head from his shoulders.

***I thought I should let you all know, that what Dawn/Her Shifter Form is saying above isn't a bunch of non-sense I came up with! It's Latin. Here's the translations!

-Run creature of darkness! Give me a good chase!

-It's too late for that!

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