A hidden treasure, an invisible boy
To a married couple, a bundle of joy
Laughter and merriment masks a tapestry
Of loss, sadness and misery

His lips are sealed, though not with wax
Dolls, mannequins lying on train tracks
Light hidden under a teapot with no spout
He sees the headlights. Watch out!

Take him literally, kill him now
No he's not being pun-ny, cut it out
Metaphorically speaking, he won't give a damn
But please, spare the similes; he's not meek like a lamb

Crash! Off to jail his hero goes
What he'll do next, no one knows
Slipping in and out of consciousness
As his words fly, wild and malicious

Shapes and patterns locked in a cellar
Light shines in--a kaleidoscope of color!
Beauty personified, but not in a person
Therein lies the heart of the couple's young son

Broken one too many times
Multicolored pieces, smaller than dimes
Litter the floor with a magical sparkle
He feels trapped, he feels shackled

He's a bird with clipped wings
A fish without a tail and fins
He tries so hard to breakaway
He'll do anything but stay

He took risks, he took a chance
Like an owlet jumping off its branch
Soaring aimlessly but free
Into the horizon away from the trees

Captured by another Master
His flawless plan ended in disaster
Dependent again, and disappointing
Working too hard for his Master's anointing

I just saw that boy today
He was so different, so far away
Conversation was polite
Yet we talked into the night

I caught a glimpse of that kaleidoscope
Deep inside him, he still had hope
Shrouded in obsidian blackness
His heart, sealed in a silver chest

He returned to his unhappy Master
Who punished him for not returning faster
Ribbons and daisy chains were taken out
He didn't know what Master was talking about.

On the outside, salt and tears
Churning within, hurts and fears
Staring at the box that holds his ashes
The sky cries on my behalf with rain, thunder, and flashes.

A/N: This is about a boy I once knew. It may not make much sense to you, but it encompasses what I knew about him. It's a sad poem, and I'm sorry I gave you such a sad poem for Christmas, but I just felt the need to upload this.

Happy holidays, and a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!

God bless!