L-O-V-E. four letters

two consonants, two vowels.

what seems like the perfect balance, isn't.

L and V. LV, Louis Vuitton,

and all those other brands with hoards of gold.

elegant, beautiful on the surface.

but does anyone turn to Reality?

the sweatshops, abuse, child labor behind the scenes?

obvious meanings, hidden stories.

what rubbish.

love for materialistic life, but a void for the people.

are you sure you're a person at all?

O. Oh I see.

do you? Really?

you seemed shock.

welcome to Life, poor delusional creature.

what a shame, u (you) aren't in love.

E. The last, E.

lusty--it isn't being loving,

though young people nowadays can't differentiate the two.

i'm confused.

i've always thought the word 'love' looked balanced.

but now i've learnt--

never to judge a book by its cover.

it may be patient, it may be kind,

but it definitely isn't very fair.

and like this poem,

the song of love has no fixed beat,

no rhythm to rely on.

the road of love is bumpy,

just like the sides of this poem

if it were centred.

look at this.

what a long poem about love.

what metaphors,

complicated, just like everyone says it is.

A/N: This is my take on 'love'. My classmate challenged me to write a poem about Love, so here it is! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Maybe this will make up for the sad poem, "Fragmented".

Wishing you happy holidays and a blessed Christmas!