Christmas Present

A Menagerie no Chiisai Side Fic by Aylimaj Reizarf.

I decided to do a little Christmas short for MnC. It's about Shippo and Hikaru and it's pretty short, but I hope you all like it.

Shippo blinked in surprise. Why was Hikaru handing him a box?

All this week she had been busy running around doing something.

She'd decorated a Christmas tree, went shopping with Asami and then her friends Hitomi and Natsumi, bought two cakes and went to two separate parties, called her brother and his fiancé and wrote a bunk of cards. He'd even seen her wrap a few boxes and place them under the tree.

Christmas presents she had said.

To Shippo this whole holiday seemed like a big headache with all the stuff Hikaru had to do, but his partner was glowing, she really liked this holiday so Shippo kept his mouth shut and helped her when she asked for it and kept things clean for her when she didn't have the time.

Now she was presenting him with a box, a brightly wrapped box with a silver bow on top.

"A Christmas present?" He asked astonished. Hikaru nodded.

"You get presents for all your friends." She said matter-of-factly. Shippo was surprised.

Christmas was a human holiday; Anima didn't celebrate anything remotely close to this. Sure he'd seen Hikaru get presents and what not for others, but he didn't expect to get one himself and then it dawned on him.

All day Hikaru had been distributing presents to others and had gotten some in return. He pushed the box away.

"I didn't get you a present!!" He said in horror. Hikaru laughed a little and pulled the little dog into her lap and hugged him.

"Yes you did." She said as she kissed his forehead. Shippo was puzzled.

"When did I do that?" He asked. When did he buy Hikaru a present?

"My Christmas present from you was when you crashed into my front yard and made my boring lonely life less lonely." She said nuzzling him.

Shippo blushed and looked at the box, Hikaru had given him.

'Me a Christmas present, huh? I guess you didn't have to get me anything either, because you're my Christmas present too.'

So the human girl and her Anima partner experienced their first Christmas together.

I thought it was pretty cute. What did you think? This is to make up for my prolonged absence with my updates on the actual story itself. Okay see ya and have a Merry Christmas or a Happy Haunaka or Kwanza and what not and a Happy New Year.