Story Name: Thank You

By: Aylimaj Reizarf

Genre: Romance and Horror

Main Characters: Molly Corazon and Ezekial Wynters

Summary: For the longest time he had, had nothing, and then she came into his life and he never wanted to let her go.

Ezekial's POV.

I want to thank you.

You come and visit me everyday. You sit beside my hospital bed and you hold my hand.

Your hands are so soft and warm. I love the way they feel against my own cold ones.

I want to thank you.

You are so nice.

You talk to me, even thought you know I can't talk back.

He stole my voice from me.

You tell me about the world I can no longer see. I appreciate that.

He stole my eyes as well.

Thank you.

You bring me snacks and things that you make yourself. You always ask me if I like them and I always nod yes.

Did you know you have a pretty voice? It's all I know about you. That you have a beautiful voice and I love the way it sounds. I also love the way you say my name.

In fact I love you.

Your voice is so pretty, I bet you're pretty too.

I like it when you visit, and I hate it when you late, even my a few seconds. It makes me think you're never going to come back, like the people I meet when I was a hostage, they never came back.

When you didn't visit for a week, I was lonely and scared and I felt like crying every day you didn't show up. But I have no eyes with which to shed tears, and I have no voice with which to wail.

But then you came back and you had some flowers with you. You held my hand like always. To you I may have looked like I was smelling the flowers but in reality I was taking in your scent.

You smell so pretty.

I wanted to ask you where you'd been but I couldn't and when you didn't tell me I decided that it wasn't important all that mattered was that you came back.

Thank you.

I always smile when you're around and I know you smile to, I like your laugh.

You didn't leave me for a long time and I liked that, I always had you by my side during the evenings and sometimes at night when time got away from you.

Then you told me some distressing you.

You were going on a trip with your boyfriend, for a whole month. You explained to me where and why but I only heard.

Month long trip with my boyfriend.

When did you get a boyfriend? Why would you get a boyfriend? Don't you know that I love you?

Of course you don't because I can't tell you.

You say you'll be back soon, but I miss you already and you're still sitting besides me.

You come back a couple of days later and hold my hand again. You smelled like you've been crying. Who made you sad?

I'll hurt them just for you. I stroke your fingers as you tell me what happened. I can tell you're crying so I brush those tears away, glad for a moment that I cannot see.

You tell me your boyfriend died, and it takes everything I have to not smile.

You are overcome with sadness for a boy I hate, but you cry on my lap and let me comfort you. So it is alright, but now I can't ever let you go. I can't let some other boy take what's mine.

Thank you from coming back thought.

I have known you for nearly a year and a half know, but today you where late. You come into the room to see me but my body is no longer there.

A nurse tells you that I am gone and you cry.

Thank you.

You didn't realize that I was right behind you. Waiting.

Thank you.

Dry your tears; I'm not leaving without you.

Thank you.

You are so pretty, did you know that?

My pale hands close slowly around your delicious slender neck.

You don't notice, because you're still crying.

Thank you. You're crying for me and not Reggie.

I like the colors of your hair. It's mostly brown and black but it has blonde in it and your bangs are red.

Thank you.

Your skin is tan and you're more than pretty you're beautiful.

I can speak now, something I've wanted to do since you told me your name.

"Thank you Molly." Are the last words you hear in life.

I rip your throat out as quickly as possible and drop a scalpel by your side. You bleed out and your blood is beautiful too.

So crimson like your bangs.

The nurse that I made leave when you started crying comes in and screams for help, but your soul is mine.

You look at me with those to perfect to be true blue eyes. Your eyes are so pretty it hurts when you look into mine, but in a good way. I never want to stop hurting. You look into my brown eyes.

"Ezekial?" You ask and I go to caress your face, you're right it's me.

"What's going on?" You ask.

"I had to bring you with me." I said. You balk, this is the first time you've ever heard be speak.

"What are you talking about?"

"I died." I said as I watch the proceedings of the very alive nurses all screaming over your beautiful cold body. They had screamed about me body too, but they weren't important.

Only you are.

"Ezekial?" You say, I love it.

I smile and let you know.

"I really like the way you say my name. It sounds so perfect."


I grab you her again and caress you face you try to pull away but I only want to touch you.

"This is the first time I've gotten to really look at you. You're just as pretty as I imagined." I coo.

"What are you talking about?"

I play with your pretty, soft hair before answering.

"I told you, I died." I say because it's true
I wonder if you smell the same now that you're dead.

You try to pull back but I hold you close and bury my face in your hair and stroked your sides.

"What happened to me?" You ask. I breath you in the satisfied that you do smell the same.

"I died alone, but I wasn't leaving you here." I tell you playfully because I know I'm obsessed.

"You?" You asked me scared. My arms tighten around you, don't be scared. I'm not going to hurt you. I love you too much.

"You're mine." I let you know softly as I nibble on your neck a bit. You taste good.

You force me away and I'm hurt but only for a bit. I can tell your confused.

"What's wrong?" I ask stepping forward. You start hyperventilating again, so I gently take you in my arms.

"It's okay." I coo, breathing in your delicious scent I went to relax and just hold you forever, but then I was hit, by you.

I'm shocked.

"Molly why did you…" I'm confused and hurt and I don't understand why you'd hurt me.

"You KILLED ME?!!!" You shrieked. You don't sound happy.

"Yeah." I respond softly, still rubbing my sore cheek. I've said that twice before. "Why did hit me?" That's the really important thing.

You shake with anger.

"Why did you kill me?"

I stop rubbing my cheek and frown slightly.

"You're mine, if I left you alive, then I'd be stuck following you around, watching you move on. I like you." I explain, happy that I can tell her I like her.

You look horrified and that makes me curious.


I grab her hands and stroke them. This is just so nice.

"All this time every since you started to visit me, I've like you. I really like you." I smiled at you. "I wanted to tell you how I was feeling, but I couldn't speak, I wanted to look at you but I couldn't see. I thought maybe you would realize that I liked you, but you got a boyfriend and I thought I'd never get a chance to have you, but then he died and I had another chance, but then I died." I look at the open window and the pretty sunlight and allow your hands to slip out of mine.

"I didn't want to leave you; I wasn't going to leave you."

You took a step back gaining my attention.

"SO I had no choice but to kill you, to put you on the same level that I was." I say excitedly, I want you to understand.

You looked so scared and you backing away from me.

"You mean all this time, you where becoming obsessed with me?" I don't outright say it just reach for you, you jump away.

"Molly, come back." I tell you, but you shake your head.

"Molly." I say firmer you step back again.

I take a breath. You're making this difficult.

"Molly, come back here right now." I'm tense and upset. You start crying and I feel horrible. Are you scared of me, was I too harsh.

"Don't cry. I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to be with you and I want to be with you forever."

"No." You say softly. "This is not right. I have to leave."


"NO. You can't leave me." I say "You tried that before." I start to hyperventilate now. I choke on my words and my obsession with you trying to find something to make you stay.

"Don't go. I need you. Please don't go." I try but. You're halfway to the door.

I can't stand it; I've never had to actually see you leave before. It hurts. I need more time to make you understand. I need you close.

You've done so many nice things for me and I've made you upset. I'll fix this. So I do what I feel is best.

But I can't help but cry. Why don't you understand?

"Thank you, Molly." I say tearfully.

I lung forward and eat you. But I don't absorb you. You'll just have to stay in there until you understand.

Until then you're going to me mine. Forever.