I was always told by my parents to stay out of the shadowy places. My teachers taught their classes to believe that horrible events happen in those places. I listened to them. At least I did when I was happier and younger. Now, I spend my life in the shadows.

If any person were to look upon my life, they would see no reason for my life to be in the shadows. They ask why. Why is he always in the shadows? My answer would be that I am a wizard. I'm not just any old wizard. My name is Dusk Starr and it is my destiny to uncover the long hidden truth.

"What are you doing?!" my best friend and co-worker, Sora snapped.

"Writing", I blandly reply as my eyes stayed glued to my notebook.

"If it weren't for the Government, I would quit this horrid job and never talk to you again!" she complained loudly.

"Well, why don't you work on your second objective?" I teased her. I've always enjoyed making her life difficult. It's the only entertainment I get out here.

"Well that could be near impossible at the moment," Sora mimicked me. We were just like siblings the way we argued.

A large figure moved behind her. It was as dark as the evilest souls set loose at midnight. The shape stretched to be as tall as the windows of the second story windows of the surrounding buildings. I knew what it was, and my heart started racing. "Whatever you do, don't move," I tried saying calmly to Sora.

"Why?" she squeaked as though she already knew the response that I was going to give her. It seemed obvious that she was freaking out as much as I was on the inside. She looked as a deer caught in the headlights. "It's behind me isn't it? That thing we're supposed to find?" I had never seen her so afraid.

"You see, the answer depends on a lot. Mostly on whether or not you'll lose your false calm," my voice strained as I held back a laugh. I know, this is a matter of life and death, but this is the most entertainment I've had in years.

"Dusk! This is no time to be a jerk!" Sora fiercely hissed. I could tell that if fear hadn't caused her to become mute, I would be getting an earful.

"Sorry Sora, but you know how bored I've been and this is just something I can't pass up." The last sound of my voice finished echoing as a large claw materialized from the center of the Shadow.

Panic filled me as I realized what was about to happen. How could I be so heartless as to do this to my best friend? All my other friends had perished like this and now history's about to repeat itself!

"What are you doing now?! By the way you're acting, I'm starting to think that you're lying about all of this to me," Sora used the tone of voice that usually indicated that she was annoyed.

She must have done something right, as a phosphorescent glow surrounded the dark beast. Stunned by the surprising light the Shadow let out a howl as it dropped her in pain. I became amazed at this new revelation although my head didn't seem quite right after this action.

"What is this?" a mysterious voice sounded in my head. "Did you do this to me?"

"Who are you?" I bluntly asked. It already seemed obvious that the voice did not belong to me. What surprised me was that my voice seemed to come from the Shadow.

Just as I began to toss the pieces around in my head, Sora rose slowly from the dusty, gravel road. She looked as though she had turned evil with her eyes turning a glowing red. I could almost see flames dancing in her icy gaze.

"He didn't do this to you, I did!" Sora menacingly said. "If the great Dusk Starr wasn't going to help me, I had to help myself," she spat. Her voice sounded like icicles hanging dangerously close to my ears.

"There must be another reason for this madness," I said partially to Sora and partially to myself. "I've known you my entire life. Have you ever not trusted me?"

"That's exactly why I did this. I'm tired of being second to you. Always the one being the hero. Did I ever receive acknowledgement? No!

I created the Shadow because I knew the government would have you investigate. All I had to do was get rid of all our friends so I could work with you. Now, I have to destroy all of you so I can take the all the credit."

With a snap of her fingers, I was gone.