"She's the dancer. She's the aspiring artist. He's the most likely to have a best-selling book in the next month. She's the nerd. He has a phenomenal voice. She is definitely miss congeniality."

"What about her? Who's she?"

"Oh, her? I don't know. Umm… She's…"


She has no major achievements in her past and will never amount to anything; she knows this because she's tried. Toiling hard to become better at her hobbies has yielded nothing but a box full of dusty, broken dreams. She's never had a boyfriend; never even been asked to a dance. One day death will mercifully take her away. Until then she goes through life trying to spread a little sunshine, giving a smile here, a hug there. She's the one who listens to the distraught young girl, who helps patch up a friendship, who gives hints of advice to keep a relationship from falling apart. All unnoticed. She doesn't fool herself with delusions of grandeur; she merely sits in her corner of anonymity waiting to help someone else, a big smile on her face to hide the broken heart underneath.